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Sample "Sunday"

Hey Lovelies,

Yes I know it is summer and I have a tendency of forgetting what day of the week it is, however I am aware of the fact that today is Monday! However I did have friends of the family over for the whole weekend, and they had a 5 year old and a 11 year old! So it was a safe bet that writing was not going to happen this weekend, so I am going to hopefully go into overdrive to make up for it! Other than going into NYC wednesday and work tuesday/thursday I should be able to do so! Little news I am considering writing a sequel to End of the Line, I'll work on the story and as I do so I'll see if It is up to my level to put out or not. I'm also hoping to keep working on Pirates' Life for Me before I go back to school (Aug. 30! yuck!). I don't know I might be over critical of the story, but we'll see, my friend Amy is currently looking over it, but she is going camping this week I believe so I might play around with the story. So some point this week I'm going to try to post something special for Family Ties just so the story gets a little more love!

So Since today is sample "Sunday" I figured I'd post a little of the new Chapter 1 of Project US. Awhile back I posted what use to be the prologue to Project US, but I've been working on the story a little, I am not done with Chapter 1, but I figured I'd give you all a little peek anyway! This story will probably be my most YA Chick Lit, mushy book, just so you all are warned, it'll still be hopefully keeping the readers on the edge of their seats!

Project US

Chapter One ~ Rachel

His fingers grazed hers bringing her attention back up to those blue eyes. The air seemed to be stuck in her throat as she was trying to find the words to say to him. This was the guy that she was finding herself in love with. Butterflies seemed flutter every time he even just looks at her. His mere touch seemed to turn her body aflame leaving her skin to tingle.

“Look,” he paused locking eyes with me and his eyes seemed to filled with such emotions. “I have never felt this way towards a girl, and to be honest I did not want to ever feel this way about another person.”

I felt his fingers interlacing with mine as he took a step closer to me.

“But, I love you,” he whispered as his other hand brushed some of my dark hair out of my face.
He slowly little by little drew close to my face, my eyes drifting close as I could feel his lips about to grace mine. My heart started to speed up as his lips started to timidly-

The bus hit a bump causing my book to jump out of my hands and my friend Bridget next to me jolt back awake. Glaring I picked up my book from my lap. I didn’t grow up with long car trips and this trip with school to Virginia was seriously killing me. Almost literally, reading in a car gave me a headache, but I was bored out of my mind I decided to risk it. My inner mind was as jittery as the characters from The Muppets Treasure Island movie when they sang that Captain Fever song.

“I swear bus drivers purposely choose to drive over bumps and pot holes at obnoxious speeds to be annoying,” Bridget mumbled trying to fall back to sleep.

“I know the feeling,” I answered not really paying attention to what my friend for years was saying.

I was narrowing my eyes as I scanned the pages at fast speeds trying to find where I was in the book as I flipped through the book. Just because I was in an unrealistic moment in the paperback doesn’t mean I shouldn’t enjoy a book because the guys in my grade sucked.

“Oh god, I know that scowl,” Bridget spoke in an even tone as I started flipping through again looking for key words. “Romantic scene?”

“Yup,” I spoke keeping my voice short.

“You really don’t have to be so cynical about love,” Bridget spoke and I raised my eyebrow at my friend.

She was wearing a floor length peasant style black skirt. In addition to wearing one of her corsets, a white one with black lace designs on the front with cap short sleeves. She has brown tight curly hair. Her hair has a little volume not that I could relate with my hair had a slight wave to it, but was thin. She was wearing her spider chocker and matching dangling earrings. She had thick black eyeliner one almost in Egyptian style. I’m sure there was a Barbie cheerleader out there senses were tingling with Bridget calling me out on dreamy ideologies about love.

“But, but it is so much fun picking on the lovey dovey airheads in books,” I faked a whine, batting my eyelashes.

“I really can’t wait till you fall in love and I can poke you for all the details all the while laughing at I was right,” Bridget jabbed before starting to repeatedly diving her finger in and out of my shoulder.

“When that day happens, I’ll allow you to drop a piano on my head.”

I started to finger stab her back, giving up a second to get her back instead of looking for where I was in the book. We were fifteen years old in our sophomore year of high school, but we still had our childish moments. She and I still meander into the Disney store despite the stares we might receive. We met in sixth grade, but really bonded in eighth grade homeroom when we became just closer each day.

“A piano would kill you, when would I be able to gloat with you dead?” she laughed.
I smiled rolling my eyes.

“Love you too.”

Bridget just grinned.

We were getting a little edgy, the class trip started very early in the morning before the sun had even started to peak into the sky and we were still not done driving from central New Jersey to Virginia.

“Man, why couldn’t you and I be sharing a room?” I asked, feeling my shoulders slump.

“I know, I really wonder who we are rooming with.”

Leave it to school to turn a fun trip, a few days from classes into a project. The project was vague, ‘something to teach us on working together that will further help us understand what being an adult meant’. Their words, not mine, my wording would be waste of time along with frustration while working with someone you wouldn’t normally deal with. It was part of some new curriculum that they wanted to test out on my grade. I really feel like my grade really gets all the new tests, new scheduling, added section to the state test, and now this! Also we were having our eighth grade trip now, the school put off our trip for two years just for this project.
We weren’t really told much about the project just that it’ll start during the trip, we will have to work closely with our partner, and that it’ll last the whole school year! I really don’t know what jerk thought that up, but they really should be taken out back and suffer. Possibly being tied to one of the uncomfortable desk chairs, with a broken speaker stuck on, and to just top it off a just for show air conditioner in August of New Jersey would be a good enough punishment for this person. Leave it to Adams High to do a project all year, I always had such bad luck with group work, they really were hell on earth.

“Think positively, maybe you’ll get someone you really don’t know.”

I raised my eyebrow again.

“That won’t take much, our grade is what four hundred people?” I asked.

Bridget shrugged.

“Sounds about right.”

“Aren’t you worried about who you are working with?” I asked, trying to figure out if she was only as calm as she was because she was still waking up.

“Not everyone is as crazy curious as you are,” she spoke rubbing her eyes a little while trying not to smug her eyeliner. “Did I screw up the eyes?”

I shook my head.

“I can’t help it, I don’t want to screw up a grade and that is a long time to work with someone.”

“True, I’ll worry about it when we cross that road.”

I fused my eyebrows and my green eyes met her dark brown ones.

“Why can’t you and I ever be calm at the same time.”

She smirked.

“We balance each other out what can I say love,” she spoke, oh yes she occasionally picks up Shakespearian lingo.

I gave a light laugh.

“Isn’t that the truth.”

An hour later our bus finally pulled up behind the other buses from our school at our hotel. The girls and boys were separated on the buses, which wasn’t a detail that was presented onto us till people started to tell what their bus number was. Nick March, he and I have had classes together since kindergarten were talking about our numbers when the whole homeroom noticed the segregation of sexes.

Nick March and I have an odd relationship always have as long as I can remember. We were school friends, talked when we had classes together might say hi in the halls, but never try to hangout with each other outside of school. Nick and I talk about whatever, school, movies, and random jokes comments during class when we are near each other. This was a guy who saved me a swing once in kindergarten the day we met and is also the same classmate who with a slightly different crowd. I’ve heard him in homeroom talking about the parties he’s gone to, and had to sneak back into his house at god forsaken hours. I never really saw that side of him and I was more then okay with that. However I was pretty sure he wanted to wring my neck for trying to figure out what the project was, he was trying to push away the thought of doing more homework I knew it. We’ve worked enough together in class for me to know when he was trying to prolong school work.

Our two chaperons on our bus, Miss Barnes and Ms Dixon finally seemed to remember that there were students and the purpose to this trip as their discussion seemed to stop. Miss Barnes is my English teacher who still had a very sweet childish face. She has dark red hair that ends curled at her shoulders and freckles across her nose. She was fishing in her bag for something as Ms Dixon my math teacher had her everlastingly formed glower on her face, a raised dark eyebrow towards Miss Barnes. Ms Dixon has dark curly hair in a low pony tale that she wore every single day. Ms Dixon unlike Miss Barnes did not have an endless supply of patience.

“Tell me you did not lose the room keys,” Ms Dixon spoke, her words direct, and sharp.

“I did not misplace the keys Ally. I just have a lot of stuff in my bag!” Miss Barnes giggled.

“Companies make bags so big these days, it is hard not to put a whole lot of stuff in them!”

Ms Dixon didn’t even crack a smile as Miss Barnes head bobbed back and forth, probably humming to herself as she looked for the keys, she did that in class.

“Aha!” She wore a grand grin on her face as she held up the bundle of keys, Ms Dixon stone face lacked the enthusiasm that Miss Barnes had.

“Lovely, you can do your job.” Ms Dixon remarked.

Miss Barnes rolled her eyes, she did work with high school students after all.

“Was your sense of humor accidently tossed out of the bus window? Live a little!” Miss Barnes stood up in the middle of the alias. “Ladies! I’m about to pass out your keys so we can get the ball rolling! Now, Laurie Doyle where are you?”

I turned my head taking a deep breath before letting it go, trying to calm my nerves from popping around like popcorn kernels in a microwave. My eyes watched as the boys walked, jumped, ran off their buses then go into the chaotic mess that was the mob of boys trying to get a hold of their belongings under the buses. I was truly not looking forward to pushing through people to grab my duffle bag. The crowd of males slowly dwindled as they were herded into the building.

“Rachel Hertz!” Miss Barnes peeped up, her voice light and peppy, I looked up and she just turned around with a sweet smile on her face, I was one of her students and she knew me. “Here you are darling.”

I leaned over Bridget a little taking the key, not even looking at it to see my room number, my eyes just glanced back to the hotel door, the guys were completely gone from sight.

“Rachel what is your room number?” Bridget asked.

I dropped my vision onto the piece of plastic in my hands.

“Um 228, you?” I asked with a simple shrug of my shoulders.

“226, we are next to each other!” her lips turned upwards, eyes beaming. “That could be helpful!”

I snorted.

“Maybe, they are having night check.”

She shoved my shoulder.

“You can be a pain.”

I rolled my eyes. She stood up fixing her long skirt as we got off the bus. She probably did not have the best wardrobe for a field trip let alone one including a long drive. I tried to walk down the stair s a little space while we walked down the stairs so that I would not walk on her skirt or pull it down. Once we got down I stayed back a little with Bridget before going over to take my bag, didn’t feel like dealing with a large amount of people in one area. Once some left Bridget and I pushed forward, grabbing our belongings before heading into the hotel, I have a thing against elevators so I made Bridget take the stairs. We were on a different bus then our other friends, and I didn’t fee like looking for them in this mess, it was every person for themselves in this crowd!

To be continued....

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