Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hey Lovelies!
I'm in Jersey waiting for Irene to make her full appearance, I was at the Belmar beach last night and the waves were 6+feet! The waves were such a sight, kind of want to keep a check on that again, might check again before I go back to school...whenever I can drive over there! Now to the main point of this post! You are probably looking at the title of this post and wonder what in the world am I talking about, especially about a topic that is very school orinated, well it all starts 2 days ago when my friend Amy came back from her camping trip. This will be a little Behind the Scenes details coming up! Well she took some seriously pretty pictures, I wish I had them to show you with how the lighting was and the trees, so pretty!

Amy found's Ed's house! Yes, Ed from End of the Line! She got this great angle of the home with the trees in front of making the angle look more like the home was more in the middle of no where! Totally awsome not going to lie. She got several gorgous shots of creeks, if you didn't already get the feel, Amy is working on the new cover for End of the Line. She is like me with pretty covers grabbing her attention so I'm having fun with her working ont his project. Well she was talking about the bridges she saw and we were talking and she pointed out a pretty big flaw with Aaron's and Lauren's travel! This is where Geography comes into the works, I kind of forgot about the Deleware River that seperates New Jersey and Penn. Oops! We got a good laugh at my minor oops. So I will be adding either a sentence or a minor scene about a bridge being crossed! I have a couple fun bridges from that border that I'm going to have fun with! So during this weekend I'll be working on writing and refreshing on my Italian since classes start Tuesday unless the weather does something...

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