Friday, September 9, 2011

Book Review: Hostage in Time

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I recieved an email not too long ago asking me to review a copy of a new author's work!  I do not know this author, nor know why she picked me, but I thanked her so much for giving me the chance to do so.  If you like historical fiction books with romance you'll enjoy this book.  I'm really sorry that the picture does not do the cover justice!  Hope you enjoy it!
Hostage in Time

By Linda Lauren
3.5 stars out of 5
Amanda is a Jersey girl who is in her twenties. She is realistic as she currently loses her job as a photographer because of the current economy. She drags her friend Carrie onto a historical tour to a local home that belong to a friend (a character made up for the story) of Thomas Edison’. For those who don’t know Thomas Edison had his station of creative up in Orange County of New Jersey, so I really enjoyed opening up the book to read that relatable area.
As Amanda is exploring parts of the historical house that are suppose to be off limits to everyone Amanda is transported into the past. There in the past she meets a string of characters as she is accused of being a spy by Jonathan Brisbane who is worried for his friend Thomas Edison’s inventions getting into the wrong hands. As Amanda tries to adjust to Jonathan’s life so that he can keep an eye on her, his mom, friends, and his ex wife all have different agendas.
Hostage in Time is a historical romance that will warm your heart. Linda Lauren writes beautiful descriptions that make you feel that you are a guest in the Brisbane home in the year 1894. Amanda’s reactions to the new world around her in addition to Jonathan’s introductions to the future items such as Mace were both funny plus realistic. Her characters were witty, relatable, and constantly thinking of what to do.
The book was a fun light read. I was eagerly flipping through the pages at fast paces to find out what happened next between classes. I love the historical fiction, but I worry with other readers might have a little problem having an actual real historical figure such as Thomas Edison in a fiction book play out as he does later on in the book. The other issue that I had with the book is the change in Jonathan’s ex wife’s personality, Lavinia. Otherwise this book had twists that I was not expecting. Hostage in Time was a beautifully written story that will grab its readers, leaving them warm and fuzzy.

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