Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trying to Find Sanity

Hey Lovelies!
So I'm trying to get things worked out in school and writing.  I'm doing a pre-student teaching thing this semester in school where I'm be in a school for over a month and actually be teaching, now that should be interesting!  Poor high school students!  My friend Amy is still reading through Pirates, poor girl, but this weekend we are going to have a little fun and work on the new cover for End of the Line!  I can't wait to give pirates to BCP, people have been excited when I mention it!  Now that is exciting when I dont' have the story out and people are loving the samples!  Sorry I haven't been sleeping and I'm still excited from last night's radio show; which I may add was amazing if you want to listen it's still up!  I'm hoping to also get a few things on top of school (a couple of lesson plans...) get names of characters organized for my sanity.  I have over 50 stories started there are too many voices in my head I need to get them organized!

Speaking of stories I don't want to get anyone overly happy, but I thought of two possibly sequels that I had never planned on writing sequels for...End of the Line and Family Ties.  Now I always talked about keeping them by themselves.  I also hate when authors write sequels that aren't needed.  Big pet peeve of mine.  So I'll probably still work on the two stories and see where they go.  End of the Line's sequel came to me first the title then the idea, the plot could be some fun and mischievous, so the title is, ::::drum roll for cheesiness::: Walking the Thin Line!  Then with Family Ties, don't ask me how, but I was reading for one of my education classes and the idea popped into my head, I don't know that title is for the moment is The Invisible Bond.  I told my friend Taylor about the plot of it and she seemed pretty interested.  Hehehe so mischievous!

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