Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sample Sunday

Hey Lovelies!
Today is Sample Sunday!!  Can't believe another week is gone by!  So as I have mentioned before I have started FOUR new stories, so it is a fair statement between them and older works I do have my fair share of samples to pick from.  However since two of the new stories that I started are sequels, I'm holding back on them (mischivously giggles).  Maybe in a couple weeks I'll change my mind because I'll be too excited, no promises though.  However what I have been trying to do for years to rewrite a new edition of Beauty and the Beast.  Yes Family Ties has been compared to a fairy tale, I have a small collection of rewritten fairy tales such as Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, The Swan Princesss, but I really wanted to do Beauty and the Beast because it is one of my favorites.  Yet this month the story line finally came to me!  I don't have much written on it because I've been a little all over the place plus school.  I'm curious if anyone can guess what is wrong with the "beast" in the very small sample I have today, and yes the female lead in my story has a strange name, my friend Amy hates the name, but I really like it, the name is staying!  I hope you all will like the small sample, next week I'll give a larger sample of something.  Enjoy!

Beneath the Scars
(I wish my pretty font could show up!!)

Chapter One

Darkness. Everything around me was surrounded by shadows of the past unable move on, wanting to stay to torment me. The only light source in my apartment was the blinking light from the television as I flipped through the channels to find something to just fill my time. My muscles in my body were restless, craving for the exercises that use to be routine for me, but my mind wanted nothing more then this old chair that belonged to my father and the television before me. The words didn’t seem to click with my ears, spacing out as I stayed in my chair. My brain was mushafying. Dishes were scattered and piled on top of each other all over my apartment, besides me was a plate of spaghetti, but now was just a plate covered in red sauce that I was not about to go clean.

I use to be able to run with equipment strapped to my body in extreme heat, now I was ruler of an old lazy boy chair letting my sturdy body grow sluggish. The only life I have ever known had rejected me after a great time in my life which only turned to be the worse. I was cast aside because of what I had become, an awful looking grumpy beast. No person was to ever set eyes on me, known as a hero yet the treatment one would expect from a traitor. The vodka bottle next to me had a ring along the bottom of the last few drops.

A pair of sweats and a hoodie covered a muscled body that I spent years perfecting, now I wasn’t even sure what laid beneath the fabric. I wanted to hide every inch of my body from the world. I was alone, family was no longer among the living and what friends I had were gone for varies reasons. One of which was my fault with a few of my fellow friends, even though their kind words were out guide me in a time of need, my heart had shrunk were the words could not even enter.

Sleep will come to me soon, another day gone, another day wasted in this useless form only wishing to be dead.

Chapter Two

Genevieve sat in the seat behind me with a tennis ball in her hands, her little fingers running over the green fuzzy surface as Bubbles was squished in the backseat of the car with her. His furry head resting on Genevieve’s lap, ears pointed up in the air as his eyes followed the ball in her small hands, yet he was well trained not to try to steal the ball from her. The two were very quiet in the car as I glanced into review mirror at them.

“So I’m thinking of maybe having a little camp out in the family room till we have the place set up, couldn’t that be cool?” I spoke up as I peeked into the review mirror again as Genevieve just shrugged her shoulders.

I chewed on my lip, the pasted couple of month had been hard, and that was the understatement of the year.

(I'm still writing chapter 2!)
To be continued...


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  6. Aw thank you i love yours too!! Aw yay I'm really excited about this new story, if I write it right I think it can be really touching! Ah yay thank you! You are welcome :) you are awsome!!


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