Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Upcoming Giveaway!

Hey Lovelies!
Yes you did infact read the title correctly!  I will be hosting the first giveaway on THIS blog!  So exciting!  Since End of the Line is on it's second person editing it I can start talking about this!  So do you think you know my book Family Ties?  If not the ebook format is only 2.99!  So around a month from now I will be posting a tivia quiz on here, the questions will be dealing with Family Ties, I'll leave the quiz up for about a week to give everyone a fair chance.  Then I will announce the winner, and the prize will be a free e-format copy of End of the Line 2nd edition!  I'm just giddy thinking about it, I'll have fun thinking of questions!  There are a couple other fun things I'm planning for November and December!  The winner of End of the Line will have the new edition before the paperback book is edition!  The new edition has a new scene in it too!  Who wouldn't want to be the first to read something before other people??

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