Monday, October 17, 2011


Hey Lovelies!
Oh you are so lucky I wasn't posting last week!  For those of you who are friends with me, you witnessed part of my mini meltdown from school.  So have I been up to, I'm currently in Hamilton school district and I'll be teaching a junior class starting the 24, haha no they don't know I am a published author!  So with all the assignments with school writing has been on low on the back burner, not happy what so ever about that considering I thought up those 4 new story ideas BEGGING  to be written!  I feel like the new characters (some of which are old ones returning ;) ) are being held hostage in a tight prison cell.  Since I have had off the last few days I'm enjoying the down time of sleep and writing.  My homwork on the other side has been put on a minor hold...oops...anywho Amy and I are working on the editing of End of the Line, which needs to be done asap, I hate delaying things, I like timed schedules, it's so bad blame my mom for being a CPA.  I will still be holding a contest for a couple free copies of End of the Line in e-format to those who can answer my questions about Family Ties when more of the editing is done by the second editor!  That and the cover is done!  Been also questioning the order of what book will be published when, as in the order!  Since I've been working on Project US which I'm pretty excited for, as soon as that is done I'm going to be writing more on the new stories!  I should get back to the homework...

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