Sunday, September 9, 2012

Available once again!

Hey Lovelies!
After the long journey, End of the line is available once again! It is available for ebooks and now paperback! This book is based off a nightmare I had every couple of years from age nine to age seventeen. I got pretty close to the dream with the characters and the plot. However the dream was a little bit futuristic and I did change that though. This new edition has a couple new scenes, a character with a changed name, a sample of another piece and a new snazzy cover!

Those are my two babies below :) I'm looking for a couple of reviews, I've already sent out a couple if you are interested contact me :)

End of the Line
When so much is lost how does one to have the strength to move on? At seventeen Lauren was prepared for yet another year of school. Then asteroids hit, killing all of those she knew except for a few other teens from her neighborhood. Joining forces with her classmate Aaron, they work together on the journey in the hopes of finding more people that are alive. On the way, threats of starvation, illness, and freezing to death don’t compare to the danger of Dean Manson. Manson is an ex-con out for revenge against Aaron. With so much working against them these teens fight for everything even if it means denying their feelings just for the chance to see a new day.



  1. Oh, many many congrats!!! Thrilled for you.

  2. Congratulations!! That's exciting!

    I've entered the contest and hope to win a copy.

  3. I love the blurb -- the book sounds so exciting, and I love survivor/disaster stories to begin with. Congrats! I hope it does GREAT! :-D

  4. Congrats on the re-release! I wish I had time to review for you, but I am swamped. I hope you find someone who will give it the love it deserves soon.


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