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Leading Lady ~ Emma

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I always talk about Abby and how she is the main character of Family Ties. Yes that is very true, Abby is one of the main characters of Family Ties. However I also talk about how Family Ties is told not in one, not in two, but THREE POVs! You already met Abby and her counter part Cory, but who is the third you might be thinking. The third is Emma, she is Abby's Great Grandmother who lived in Germany when she was growing up. Her tale is about before Abby's family ends up in America. What was Emma like? How did she end up in America? How does this relative connect to why Abby was kidnapped? All valid questions!


Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Good Dancer
Willing to do whatever it takes
~If the second book ends up working out, you'll learn more about Emma because I did comments about that.


I was standing on my balcony, having a free moment for myself, for once in I can’t remember how long.  Some guard was probably standing in my doorway, however, but I was alone out here.  I stood outside to enjoy the simple joy of the wind blowing through my long brown hair, as the sun, bright and warm, shined down on me.  Having my hair not tied back, but free for the first time without it not being time to go to sleep.  It whipped around lightly in the small breeze.  A beautiful spring day as winter was dying away.
I opened my arms wide out to welcome the wind to this unhappy German home with my eyes closed, the sun was warm compared to my home.  Feeling the sense of freedom wash over me, as the wind blew by with the chirping of birds and the sounds of the river, all teasing me of the freedom the rest of the world had that I could only dream of.  Dream of and yet never achieve.  Then I felt these huge strong hands start to slide around my waist so that his arms could wrap around me like two snakes.
“You didn’t have permission to enter!” I snapped, feeling my voice stay strong, not turning around to see him.
My body was tense as my arms crossed over my chest and narrowing my eyes at the vast land before me.  He pulled me closer so that my back was pressed against his chest.  My head was a little under his chin, with his arms firmly around my waist, not ready to budge.
“I don’t need your permission to enter any room in this house.  This house, and you, will belong to me one day soon.” His voice was but a whisper as he leaned over to speak into my ear, his breath causing a shiver down my spine.
“Lord Wilhelm, I shall never be yours or anyone’s!  Take your hands off me this moment or I shall scream for everyone to hear!” I threatened as I started to squirm to try to escape from his prison arms.
He took his hands off me, but using a hand he swung me around so I could finally see him.  Wilhelm was very handsome, but he was as evil as he was handsome, it was almost as if the evil drew people in before they knew the real trap of his personality of venom.
Women will throw themselves at his feet just based on his looks and the so-called charm that I have yet to have seen.  He has light blonde hair and what some girls have called seductive dark blue eyes.  He is much taller than me and has broad shoulders along with strong muscles from the hunting and sports.  At all the grand parties, where we are all dressed in our best clothing, dressed looking like the finest people,  everyone keeps asking when the two of us, the prefect couple, was marrying.  It all makes me gag!
He glared into my eyes, taking a hold of my shoulders, crushing them so that I would face him, and not be able to turn away from him as I started to try.  It felt like he was going to rip my shoulders off my body, but I could not let him see my pain, that he was affecting me in some way.  That will just help him.  Fuel that snake glare that I knew was inside of him.  You never let the evil know how much pain they are causing you.  It shows them that they are winning over you, that they have an advantage.  Even if it meant that I couldn’t wear more than half of my clothes because of the new bruises on my shoulders and upper arms.
“Emma, you keep chasing all the guys away with your personality,” he spoke, even toned, with a half smile forming on his face, trying to see if he hit a spot or not with me.
“It isn’t my personality that is scaring people away.  They just witness how I treat you!” I growled, hands at my sides, turning into tight fists.
“When we are together you will have to do what I say when I say it,” he spoke again, voice smooth, pulling me by my hips closer to him.
“I will never!  I will never ever have to listen to you because I am not your property to show off!” I couldn’t hide my anger anymore.
Using all of my force that I could muster up, I drew my arms back, pushing them against his chest so that Lord Wilhelm went off of the terrace and into the lake below my window.  A splash was heard, music to my ears.  That was when I heard the maids start laughing.  I leaned over on the wall of the balcony to see what they were laughing at; the sight of Lord of the Muck.

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