Monday, October 21, 2013

Cover Revealing ~ Beneath the Scars

Hey Lovelies,
I'm revealing Beneath the Scars' cover finally! I went through a couple different ideas some of which fell through which is why it was causing some trouble. Then I started to show my friends some of my ideas and whatever one liked another hated which only caused more confusion. Needless to say this cover was causing more of a mess than I would have ever thought. I didn't want anything sexual because that's not the story, it's more about an emotional connection so no girl only wearing lingerie would have fit. I didn't want a model where you can see the female's bones, I've mentioned in other posts I refuse to support anything that might promote bad self image or eating disorders. Then there is also the factor I couldn't have a guy on the cover because Riley is covered in scars and it would have been really hard to get that. I don't think I've had such trouble, and hope never to again! So I got the image from Shutterstock and the wonderful Alexia Purgy who is an author tweaked the image for me. :)

Beneath the Scars

Corporal Riley Nolan is back home and out of the hospital after sustaining severe injuries in a skirmish overseas. His physical injuries may be healed, though he is left with horrible scars all over his body. His mind is still healing, and he has almost no contact with the world outside his small dark apartment.

After the death of her parents and being forced to sell their house and move into an apartment in a new town, Eponine is left picking up the pieces while trying to maintain a normal life for her little sister, Genevieve.

Can these new neighbors help each other heal, finding the light and laughter in the world again? Most importantly, can Eponine help Riley see he's not the monster he believes himself to be beneath the scars?

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