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Interview ~ Amy Eye

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Today I have a special treat. I did an interview with Amy Eye who is the owner of The Eyes for Editing. She is one of the two editors that I use. She is great, knowledgeable, and friendly. For me have trouble trusting services over the internet because you really don't know who is on the other end. With editing services too, you just don't know where you are sending your money or if the people will actually fulfill the services. Amy though, she will work with the writer and be what they need, straight to the point to hand holder. I love working with her and hope to do so in the future. She has worked on End of the Line second edition and Shadows from the Past. Here is an interview.

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1. For how long have you been an editor?
I’ve been editing for as long as I can remember, it seems.  LOL  Some days it seems like it’s been decades, other days – maybe just a month or so.  Usually those days are determined by how quiet my kids are when I’m working, the pull of the moon on the tides and just how cranky I am that day.  :)

2. Was it hard to start your own editing company?
It was really scary, actually. You never know what is going to happen when you jump out into the world and start working for yourself, especially when you have three kids who depend on you to not mess up.  LOL And it was most definitely a challenge.  All I can say is THANK YOU to Journalstone Publishing for giving me a chance.  Had it not been for Christopher Payne, I never would be doing this for a living today.  No joke. 

3. You've edited just about every genre out there, what's your favorite to work on?
My absolute favorite is YA and Middle grade.  I love knowing that children will read what I am working on and, hopefully, encourage their love of reading throughout their lives.

4. What is your favorite dessert?
I would have to say raspberry cheesecake. That is heaven one little slice at a time!

5. What is your favorite pet?
My bearded dragon, Seraphina, would probably insist that I say it was her… but I love all animals.  I own a small zoo!  :P

6. What is your favorite book? (Can be a book you haven't edited!)
My favorite all-time books are the Harry Potter series. That book came to me at a time where I needed an escape from the world, and Hogwarts is my fantasy land. I love the interaction between the characters, the morals behind the books, the wisdom of Albus Dumbleore, the angst of Snape… I could keep going, but I think I’ve bored all of my friends enough for a lifetime.  LOL!!

7. What is your favorite movie?
I’m not a huge movie or TV person, but my latest favorite was The Hunger Games.  Favorite movie of all-time may be Clue.  Love Tim Curry!

8. You use to do Journal Jabber, how did you get started in that?
That would be another salute to Journalstone.  I was helping to book radio interviews for the authors at Journalstone, when Christopher thought I would be great at interviewing… as they say, the rest is history.  I began fumbling my way around the blog talk internet circuits on episode at a time until I really got the hang of it and found my stride. The show is still going strong, and one of my best friends Angela Yuriko Smith is hosting the show now, and I still pop in to conduct interviews from time to time.

9. You also work on Christmas Lites collection, which is a collection of short stories to raise money for the NCADV. What is your favorite process about working on that collection?
Knowing that I and the authors behind the book will be able to make a difference in the lives of people who need it the most.  The NCADV is an amazing organization that does so much to improve the lives of those who suffer at the hands of loved ones. This is just one way that we can all give to those who need it.

10. Can you tell us anything about the third edition of Christmas Lites?
That it is going to be absolutely amazing!  We have stories in there that cover just about every genre there is.  There is something in that book for everyone!

11. What is your favorite thing to do when you aren't working?
Well, I’m an avid reader, and I love to play video games. Right now, I’m blasting my way through Dragon Age Origins, and I try to eliminate zombies at least three times a week with my best friend, Mikey. I’m really a nerd in the true sense of the word.

12. What is your favorite season?
Spring.  I think that’s the case for a lot of people.  But I love when the chill in the air is replaced with the sounds of spring.  The birds pecking around in the new grass, the sound of kids yelling in the street on their bikes… After the heaviness of winter, the spring always feels like a new beginning.

13. Who is your favorite character of all time? Why?
Albus Dumbledore.  He was a patient, wise and good man. He gave unselfishly and knew his limitations.  Never before have I read a character who imparted such knowledge and wisdom, true wisdom, to not only the characters in his book, but to the readers.  He touched me as a reader in a way that none have before.

14. What is your favorite kind of muffin?
Poppy seed!  OOHHH, now, I’m hungry…  thanks a lot.  LOL!

15. It is fall, and everything is coming up as pumpkin flavored everything, do you have a favorite pumpkin flavored item?
I’m actually not a huge fan of pumpkin.  :P  I love to carve them and I love eating baked pumpkin seeds, but I don’t like the whole pumpkin flavor thing…

16. What advice can you give for authors?
Read, write and revise.  Reading helps give you an idea of what you like and what you don’t. It helps build your creativity.  You get to see what other authors have done and it really does help to give you the sense that anything is possible when you write.  Writing is important.  If you don’t do it, you will never improve. Writing is a skill that takes years to perfect, and if you don’t continuously write, your skills will get rusty. Revising is great for learning as well. Go through what you have written and look at it from an outsider’s view. How can you make it better?  How can you trim out extra words.  How can you develop your feel and tone with your choice of words?  These exercises will make a huge difference in your writing.  And the more you do it, the more it will become an ingrained part of your writing.

17. What advice can you give for people who want to become editors?
LEARN, LEARN, and then LEARN some more. Rules are always changing, the needs of the clients are always changing.  Learn the grammar rules, learn about the market you are working in, learn how to be patient.  Learn to have a thick skin.  Learn to love your job and your authors.  Without them, you are nothing.

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