Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Art of writing of reviews

Do you read reviews for books before you buy a book? I will admit that I do occasionally. I do compare the good and the bad reviews for a book if I'm on the fence. That does not say that I use reviews as the only deciding factor for my purchases, but I keep them in mind. As an indie author, we do thrive on reviews, so please do not think this post is about, "WRITE REVIEWS FOR ME NOW". I swear that is not my intention. I was going through reviews for End of the Line because I will be posting reviews for it, for an upcoming project. I see just stars, there is no such thing as an expert reviewer. Next time you read any indie author (go through my own reviews for suggestions or comment here and I can try to give you a list!) write a couple of words on Amazon, Goodreads, Bn, or where you get your books. 

Write a little, a little can go a long way:
-I loved it!
-Really enjoyed the book
-Ew this book had awful characters.

Think of the good!
-Characters were fun!
-Good vocabulary.
-The setting made me wish that I was there.

You can mention the bad.
-Whinny characters (a big problem with me!)
-Too many typos
-The writing was choppy

I like to try to mention the good and the bad to make it should like I wasn't paid to read it. I think there should always be a balance. Even if the balance is the plot, characters, or author's style of writing. I personally like to have two paragraphs. The first being a short summary, maybe a little about the characters. The second being about the author's style, issues or things that I liked. So, get reading and writing ;)

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