Wednesday, July 30, 2014

End of the Line

Good Afternoon!
So I'm working on about six or so stories right now. Why? Because I'm not fully working and I need to keep busy while I'm sending out what feels like a million applications and don't want to be stressing too much while I'm preparing for the job interviews I've been going on. It feels so good to be working with my characters again. I've missed them. I've been working on Project US (YA Romantic Suspense), A Pirate's Life for me (YA), Mistakes/Moonlit Eyes (YA - Paranormal Romance), Call for Help (NA Romantic Suspense Beneath the Scars 2), End of the Line 2 (YA), and might start working on two others. Yes, a little crazy. It feels nice to work on Young Adult books though.

I sometimes think that need to add more work than I should to my plate. It's an illness. You might have noticed that I've picked up End of the Line 2. I don't know what happened, but it sitting on the back burner for awhile I was able to get the gears moving again. Hopefully that continues. It has some interesting points, and I miss working with Aaron. That in mind I wanted the first and second to match interior wise. If you ever held the physical copy you might have thought the font was a little smaller. Looking at End of the Line with Family Ties and Beneath the Scars, I wondered how a book that has more words could be so much smaller. Family Ties is around 14K shorter, and Beneath the Scars is about three thousand words shorter. So I ask Amy from The Eyes of Editing and worked on the interior of End of the Line and now it's the biggest out of my collection. For that I'm sorry the price will be a little more, but at least your eyes will thank me. I fixed a couple interior problems that bothered me, I forgot to move a chapter heading down. My little OCD tendencies. It should be available again within a couple of days, or you can order End of the Line here now.
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