Sunday, July 6, 2014

Trouble sleeping

It is currently a little over a half hour till midnight. When I was working I could barely make it till 10pm, and now despite exercising everyday I have been having trouble sleeping. When I was younger and had trouble sleeping my doctor asked if I exercised. I know there are people who will go nights with zero sleep and that's a problem. I'm not under-minding that. However, I don't drink coffee and I'm a baby with sleep. The past week I've been having a series of bad dreams almost every night, I can't get comfortable, and all that fun stuff. My attention span is shotty, haha I need my sleep gosh darn it! My eyes are tired, but my mind feels like the little person is on a treadmill and going on strong. That and a little jumpy and tense. I need to relax, and I even been trying yoga before bed. Tonight is no exception as she has like fifty, eighteen year old for a party that I have been told that will leave around midnight. Lovely times, charming group of people may I add. I'm always alert to begin with, and the constant opening and closing of the door is not helping. Currently I am watching the end of 'This is the End' hoping that the laughs will help me relax before bed, even though it's almost on full blast. We shall see, I'd love a night of no bad dreams...To those who suffer real insomnia and not my cycles of bad sleep I feel so sorry for you and I'll keep you in my thoughts as I sit here waiting to get tired.

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