Friday, August 17, 2018

A long line

Good morning!
It is technically still before noon so I can still say that! It is Friday! Yes! However, also sad because it is also the last Friday off because I start back to full time on Wednesday. Back to balancing teaching and writing. Did I write everything that i had planned to this summer? No, but i got a lot of editing done which in the long run I knew was coming.

Which brings me to today's post. No it isn't a title of another End of the Line book ;) . It's what I have right now, a long line. So Call for Help (Beneath the Scars 2) is currently with my editor Jenn. She is a good way through. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did writing it. You'll get to meet a couple of the characters on Facebook this week as I do a character takeover this week.

Sadly End of the Line 2 Amy is not able to finish editing and that is fine. Jenn will be working on that within a couple of months. I keep going back and forth with the name I have two ideas for it Walking a Thin Line or Off the Beaten Path. I would love to see it as a trilogy, but i dont want to force anything either.

Talking about series, I went over the last Mistakes story and will be submitting it to an editor next so the werewolf story will be out in time for Halloween! Then Mistakes is done, which is weird to say, the five novella series done. I enjoyed writing paranormal, I don't touch it much as i probably should.

Okay that's three stories that are either at an editor or will be soon. My mom went through my pirate story that I wrote back in high school. I took it and refurbished it. I'm going to tweak the title, but here is another story that is in line for an editor. These characters might be more patient than the next character.

Who would have thought you'd hear the name Abby again? Invisible Bonds is my next for me to go through her edits then send to an editor. It is a little shorter and might end up being a novella instead.

Lastly, I just sent Define a Hero (Beneath the Scars 3) to my mom. We will see what she thinks when she edits it. She liked the second one. We'll see what she thinks of the third and last installment of the trilogy. The ending got me ;)

Haha like I said a whole lot of editing this summer! I started a new project which is a little different, but I'm excited to write again! Despite school starting up I hope to get some writing in as well.

Wow long post I'm sorry. Happy Friday!!

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