Saturday, March 9, 2019

Preorders now available

Good Morning!
I have another cold, but considering how much the flu is being spread, I'll take a little cold. Flem and all. However, I'm done with this rain. Anyone else? I might have to start to build a boat soon.

Leave it to me to figure out how to get the pre-order feature correct with a short story! However, you can now pre-order my band short story. Parts are real and some not so much, but prepare yourself to laugh. I love how crisp the colors are in the cover. I went back and forth with the idea of using one of my old band pictures, but then changed my mind.

Treble with Music

Sarah is just another high school student who is trying to survive her senior year during marching band season. Read about Sarah and her friends Julie, Angie, Bryan, and Milo as they go from game to game. Between band camp, games, and a little shenanigans you'll wish that you were part of their band.

I still have some copies of Beneath the Scars, End of the Line, and Project US. I have three copies of Beneath the Scars, five of End of the Line and Project US. I will sign and ship them out to US only readers for $14. If you are interested please email me at ottilieweber (at) gmail (dot) com. It will be first come, first serve.

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