Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Abduction - Blog Tour

We are one day closer to the weekend. However I feel like I blink and it is gone, which is one of the reasons I'm looking forward for Spring Break which is the 29th. I'm going to be going to Jersey and visiting my family. We will be doing some wedding stuff while I'm up there. We will have my bachelorette party, bridal shower, and dress fitting! I can't wait, plus we are doing a craft for the wedding while I'm up. I am debating on doing audio books for my books, would people be interested? How many people listen to audio books?

Until then, check out this new book!

The Abduction
By Ester Lopez

On a lawless moon of Plexus, a resourceful loner struggles to escape his alien, slave-trading father with the help of a beautiful bounty hunter who he realizes is worth more than his ticket back to Earth. 
Dram, a business man and slave-trader from Chroma, is thinking of making a career change. Too many close calls has necessitated this change, but he just got a brilliant idea...
Genesis, a princess from Atria working as a Bounty Hunter for the Interplanetary Space Patrol, has hunted the slave-trader, Dram, for ten long years. When she finally catches the man who abducted all the women of her village, she realizes she's got the wrong person.
Adam Davis, born and raised in East Tennessee, has a strange premonition that turns into a nightmare. What could be worse than being abducted by aliens and mistaken for a criminal?
Discovering the criminal is his alien father and falling in love with the Bounty Hunter who wants him dead.

"I had a life on Earth before you came along. You've changed everything."

    "Your fate could be worse, Earth man," she replied, tensing her jaw.
Her brows deeply furrowed.

    "Oh, yeah? What could be worse than being abducted from my home?"

    "I could have killed you," she whispered harshly.


"I'm a sci-fi, paranormal romance writer and screenwriter writing on the edge of reality.

I share my home with my husband and our two dogs, Ellie and Charlie. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, gardening, hiking, photography, crafts and watching movies.

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