Friday, March 1, 2019

It's a band thing

Look at this, two posts in one week! Do you think it'll last? I hope so. Right now I'm listening to some 90s/00s music. I'm kind of in the flashback feel. I'm writing one story (which I'll come back to), but I've started editing a band story. It is a short story for now, maybe eventually I'll revisit for a longer story. However, I think short and sweet is better for it. I don't know if I've brought this up or not before, but in high school I was in marching band. From grades four right until I graduated high school I was in band with my clarinet. My last year I decided to add Jazz band and tried to learn Alto Saxophone for it, it was interesting to say the least.

When I was in high school I did most of my writing, if you can't tell with me continuously saying I'm going back to rework a story. I don't know if it is because I had more time on my hands, or I was more creative then. To be honest, I'm hoping it is the first option. I started a story about being in band. It got out and the beginning might have been passed around by a few people. It ended up in my band director's hands, yikes! He took it, but I never heard or saw that printed copy again. He never addressed it with me either. I doubted he read it, if I was, I probably would have skimmed it purely out of curiosity.

Like many of my stories I got into a corner and stopped. As I was going through my old files to make sure I got everything on my new computer I came across the band story. I like to open up old stories every once in awhile to cringe at the writing style, but curious to see what that story was about because sometimes I forget. The bad grammar (yes it used to be worse!) didn't hide the funny story behind it. I talked to my friend Amy (cover of End of the Line second edition, not Amy Eye, but another friend of my from school who has been mentioned on here before) about the story. Then little by little the past month I finished it. It was fun to go back through the past at a few select football games and try to remember those days. Much like the main character living through it seemed trivial, but look back changes the view a little.

Unfortunately one of the things I did to rewrite it was to trim back on the number of characters. Originally I was going to have more characters based on people who impacted my band years. However, for a short story I thought they were too many, plus, I didn't want to contact that many people randomly on Facebook to get permission. After I finished my draft, I sent it to four people who I was in band with and their likeness made it into the story. I wanted to make sure that they were okay with a character that was like them, and okay with how they were projected.

It didn't take for the people to respond. I was pleasantly shocked because two of them I haven't talked to in a long time. However, all four were surprisingly surprised with their feedback. They thought it was funny and were curious on when it would be released. Which brings me to, I'm currently editing the band story which will be one of a few stories to be released in 2019. Hopefully 2019 will be as productive as I hope it will be! So if you are ready to laugh and relive (or if you're currently living through) the band days, please keep your eyes out for the story that I called Band Story. I'm hoping to come up with a better title soon. Also, some events in the story are real, and some aren't, it'll be up to you to figure out which is real or not.

I am also hoping to include a couple of pictures in the back of the story as well. Maybe ;)

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