Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Last" Day 4 ~ Update of failure

Hey Lovelies
I know I was suppose to do a week long of celebration, these doctor visits are bothering me. Today an MRI for my wrist. For those who don't know that I've been having wrist pain, yes I can have worse injuries or be in a worse situation with all that is going on in the world so I feel bad sounding like I'm whinnying. It's been hurting for over a month and I couldn't get a doctor appointment till after I was student teaching. So Monday I went to the doctors and had X-rays. Today I had MRI's and needed contrasts so had to be in the machine twice and my brain just feels so mushy. I don't know if I'm so drained because puppy hasn't been letting us sleep or because of the MRI. I bruise easily so my arm is a little banged up from the shot. I really had every intention of surprising everyone on Saturday with a 1.5 ebook for End of the Line. There is a section of the book a few people told me that they wish I didn't skip time. I had started it, but I don't want to put out something that is rushed. I'll still try to get it out soon, but I felt bad keeping everyone out of the loop. Sorry for sounding like a baby. I've just been wearing a ace bandage on my wrist everyday, I even have trouble using a stapler with my right hand. I'm hoping Monday when I go back to the doctors they figured out what is wrong...

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