Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hey Lovelies!
When you write a book you probably think of all the excitement that goes in and think of all the people who will love your book. However what about the people who don't like your book? Rejection isn't fun, between the letters from agents and bad reviews. The tick is how to deal with them. I believe it was a few months back an author or a couple of them it seemed was having some trouble via Facebook and Goodreads because they had asked for reviews, but didn't respond well to the reviews that they had received. That really caused problems with people who do the reviews/bloggers. They are taking time out of their lives to read the book. Wouldn't you want honesty? I've gotten a couple of 1 star reviews in which most of them write why. I like taking the comments and building off of them for other stories I write, if it is a tip. But at the end of the day you are going to get a mix of reviews and you want that. If you only have 5 star reviews where everyone is raving some people might wonder if the book might have been fluffied up. It's also good for the author to get feedback. With all that said and done remember you have to watch what you say.

Between teaching and the author world I have become I think pretty good about censoring myself. With the internet there really isn't any real way to delete anything. Once it's up there, it cannot be taken away. You really have to watch what you say and how you act. With writing you are only as popular as your fan base. If you are an amazing writer, the second Shakespeare, but you bash everyone you are only going to go so far. I actually got a 3 star review from a blogger and had asked her to do my next book as well because I loved the feedback she gave. Now typing this I really hope you all do not think I'm preaching or venting about bad reviews. I didn't even know I had 1 new review on Amazon and 4 on Barnes and Nobles about End of the Line. Which is apparently free for nooks right now, found out through a friend. A true mix of 1 and 5 stars, it's fun living in a world with everyone having different opinions to have these conversations pulling out ideas. I get where the not so good review was coming from, but at the end of the day you can't please everyone. :) No I'm going to stop myself now so I do not keep rambling on about this and think I'm talking in circles!

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