Monday, December 17, 2012

The "Last" Week, Day 1

Hey Lovelies!
As we know that the Mayan calendar ends on Friday. That the world will apparently end on Friday. With that sad, we also know my humor is a little well off. That being said I decided to spend this week showcasing End of the Line, a post apocalyptic tale about a group of teens trying to stick together and survive. This story is very dear to me because it is based on a nightmare I had every couple of years since I was nine. Each day something will be done differently in order to play around with this idea of the end along side with End of the Line. So keep your eyes out!

Today I decided to let everyone get to know the other cast members in this journey, a good way to get the ball rolling, introduction day. I have done Leading Lady or Men of Ottilie for the main characters for now Family Ties and End of the Line, but not much further then that. However without the other members in End of the Line a lot of what happens and what else is in store for the cast.


Brown Hair
Lightish Eyes
Hates Aaron
Wants to help more
Likes playing cards

Dark hair and eyes
Is into the medical field

Brown hair
9 years old
Only child
Looks up to Jill

Reddish Brown hair
5/6 years old
Lauren's little brother
Has a crush on Paige
Becomes attached to Aaron

5/6 years old
Has a crush on Sean
Follows Lauren like a little sister
Loves stuffed animals
Fun Fact of the Day:
Cole was originally named Alex in the first edition.

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