Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review ~ Know Thy Neighbor, Shawn Maravel

Hey Lovelies!
I haven't done this in awhile, but I have a review for you all! Yes I read the newest Shawn Maravel novel, Know thy Neighbor! I completely loved this book. Her writing is just seems to continue to grow better even though her other works are all well done too. She gave me the ebook copy to do a review for her, and I'm going to have to get my own paperback copy because I loved it so much. It was a little different then her other books since it is a little bit of a crime mystery and I haven't read that before.

Where is the light at the end of the tunnel when things are spinning out of control. Shawn Maravel has done it again with heart warming characters that will cause any reader to feel for these two two characters. Evangeline is at the end of her rope after being kicked to the ground so many times in life. She walks through life disheartened as she has lost her parents and her store that she owns is nearing closure. Now we might not all have been in that situation, but Evangeline is a character all readers can relate to and wish they can have a hang out to cheer her up. She starts to really sit on edge though after years of overdoing it with books (like that's possible!) and living alone when a new neighbor comes in, John Smith and Evangeline feels like her life has been thrown into a mystery book.

Know thy Neighbor is a real page turner that will have the readers completely soaked into each and every page wanting to know what happens. This is a different genre then her other books, but Shawn has continued to show that she is up to any challenge and created a great book. I have the e-book copy and I will be getting a paperback copy because it is a must read! :)

Evangeline has already lost everything once. She’s no stranger to reassembling the shambles of her life and trying to make peace with the outcome of the greatest tragedy that she’s ever had to face. But when a life of selling antiques in the Lower East Side proves to be less than enough to maintain her meager lifestyle, she turns to the pages of her thriller novels for distraction.

When a mysterious new tenant moves into the apartment above hers, she indulges her desire for danger and adventure by trying to figure out exactly who the stranger in 6C is. In time, the intrigue about a neighbor she has yet to actually see, isn’t enough to keep her distracted from the threat of having to close down her shop and start from scratch for the second time. Just as she tries to refocus her attention to breathing life back into her business, she meets the handsome stranger for the first time and she loses sight of everything else.

Soon her life takes on the exciting appeal of her novels and she can’t seem to get enough. But as she draws closer to the mystery tenant, she discovers that the danger is real and her life is left in the hands of a dangerous killer.



  1. Hi. I have a student who really likes your book END OF THE LINE. Are you writing a sequel?

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hey David! Aw wow thank you so much for reaching out to me that is really sweet I'm glad that they enjoyed the book! I am actually currently writing a sequel, got most of it done actually. I'm hoping that it will be a trilogy, I still have a few more weeks left till my classes start up again the plan is to get as close as I can to finishing Walking a Thin Line. Once it's written, I edit it, my friend Amy edits it and she is already getting ideas for the cover. Also I can do edits while I have class because I will only have 2 classes this semester. I usually keep updates on my blog so you and the student will be kept in the loop of the process. Again thank you so much for telling me that, and I'm so glad that the student enjoyed it! :)

  3. Out of curiosity David, what grade do you teach?

  4. Hey David, if you are still getting notifications you may want to check this out,


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