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Belated National Friend's Day/Sample Sunday

Hey Lovelies!

I found out after I did my post yesterday that it was national friend's day, but I still wanted to do something fun for it. I might not have had the best of luck with friends in the past, but at the end of the day we really do need them. I have a couple of close friends in my life. I'm one of those people who wasn't part of the "popular" everyone knows me group. In high school I had the tight small group of girls that I was close with, I was friendly with people outside my circle, but usually stuck close. As the years have gone by, most of that group and I had a problem arise in the group after my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, I was a victim of social media bullying. Part of the group attacked me on a status on Facebook then they didn't get when people stood up for me on there, hello world wide web. I've always been picked on one share or another growing up so that might be where some of my wall comes from. It took me a little bit to grow comfortable again, but I took is as I found out who my true friends were, and in the early twenties I really feel like you grow into yourself, figuring out who you are as a person. Sorry for the TMI today. I have a small string of people I'm close with and know I can count on. I know I have a weird relationship with every friend I have, gees I'm close friends with my ex.

Now some of my relationships you might notice in my books a lot of them start off as friends. I know for me it's easier to enter a relationship when I knew the person as a friend first. So if that is where the samples come from heads up. I'm picking the samples as I go along.

To the friends that make our heads spin...

Family Ties:
Chapter 3 Cory

At work we were getting the tables ready for the day.  Abby and I were working one table, trying to remember which side the forks were on.  We had already walked around placing plates and glasses on the table, remembering that with the word bed as help, bread on the left and drinks on the right.  Abby, the nice girl she was, was placing the napkins, leaving me with the silverware and trying to remember where they were suppose to be.

“Are you sure that this is right?”

She looked up at me with a smile.  There was something formulating in those eyes of hers.  This was not going to end well for me.  She sighed, slowly shaking her head while placing another napkin down.

“Cory, what am I going to do with you?  I mean, you can’t even figure out where spoons or forks are supposed to go.  You might as well just plain give up on life and become a hobo.  Living the rest of your days in a cardboard box on some street corner,” Abby spoke, her voice even.

“You suck, just so you know that,” I shot back as she stuck her tongue at me.

Abby’s eyes were bright and laughing at me.

That was when our boss came out of his office, still holding the door open.  His eyes were on us with a raised eyebrow.  He always thought we were up to something or other just because of our sarcasm and us being so close.  That was when a girl, who must be around our age, maybe a couple of years older, came out of his office.  She was a goddess, beautiful.  The girl had commercial prefect mink brown hair that had big full curls.  She was around my height while wearing those thin heeled shoes that had ribbons to laces up the long legs under the short skirt.

She turned her back to us so that she was facing the boss in which was able us sight of her tanned back from her hot pink halter.  They exchanged some words.  I couldn’t turn away from them.  I wish I could hear their conversation.  She turned away from him and headed for the door to leave.  She left all the guys in the room to watch her legs from her dark jean skirt as she left the restaurant.  Shaking my head a little, I turned back to the table with Abby narrowing her eyes on me.  Her lips were tightened with her knuckles popping out from her grip on the cloth napkins.  She was going to kill me.

“What?” I asked with wide eyes.

Her mouth was starting to open as our boss walked over to us.  I was being saved from a very painful death.

Our boss stood between us around the circular table.  His arms were behind him with a stern expression on his face.

“Okay, before any of you go telling people, I’m not having an affair.” He paused as he turned to look at me. “That girl is starting work tomorrow and was here for an interview.  Also, she is my niece, Toni, so if one of you even thinks about going near her I will have your head.”

He was looking at me again when he said that last part.

How was that divine woman related to him?!  I turned to look to where she had left.  She wasn’t in sight anymore, but I had to check.  Our boss walked away as I kept looking over there.  That was when I felt a punch between my two shoulder blades.

“Ow!” I yelled as I turned around to see who did it.

There was Abby, her lips tight.  Even though she was shorter than me I felt like she could kill me quickly with ease.  Short people and their short fuses…

“I have a feeling she’ll be more of a distraction than actually doing work,” Abby grumbled as she gave me a small push as she went around me.

I couldn’t answer as I bent my head to see her driving away.  Yup, she was a little older then us since we had our permits and not licenses.  I was hit with something light and looked at Abby again.  She was holding a cloth napkin looking annoyed.

“I’m not doing your work so you can drool over a girl!”

I rolled my eyes and went back to work.

“I’m working too, and I’m not drooling.” I glared at her.

“Please!  You can see your jaw dropping a mile away!” She shifted her weight from one foot to the other.  “I’m going to have to grab a bucket if you want to continue gawking at her.”

“Hey, wait, what is different at me looking at her and what you, Zoey, and Danielle do when we go to the beach and there’s all the shirtless guys?”

She sighed, shaking her head before answering.

“If a guy works out that much and has great abs and chest, it’s only appropriate to look at him for his great work and determination.  Everyone needs a little encouragement!” Her voice was making sure to emphasize every word she said, almost as if she wasn’t sure how I didn’t already know this.

“That’s such a double standard,” I snapped, I wanted abs.

“Oh, cry me a river,” she muttered before putting the last item on the table.

“I really have no chance of winning this, do I?” I asked as I noticed her shoulders squared off, chin held high, her brown eyes razor sharp looking at the table.

“Have you ever had a chance of winning any argument with me?” Her voice was light as she looked at me. She was trying to be sweet with me, her dark eyelashes framed her eyes, and a small smile on her lips.

I just sighed looking at my friend.  I started to laugh as a full on smile formed on her face, showing off her teeth.  I couldn’t picture her not being in my life.  Even though people thought we were seriously arguing, on the verge of killing each other, we both knew it was all fun and games.

To the friends who might not always understand why you do what you, but stay around anyway, and were friends with us when no one else was...

The Four Purposes of Oil
Noah Chapter 3

“You’re off from work and you’re washing your car?” Remy’s voice came from behind me.
Turning around she was wearing clothes much more relaxed and tamer then the other night. There she was in a dress and flats, with her hair tied back behind her.
“It’s my time off don’t judge me.”
“So what are the odds of me getting you to was my car as well,” she asked walking closer to me, taking a sip out of her ice coffee.
I smirked, “You make fun of me then ask me a favor?”
She batted her eyelashes, “You love me.”
I rolled my eyes as I finished the top of the car.
“I love this weather,”
“You’re saying that because your school year is almost over.”
“Someone’s grumpy.”
My head fell forward, pausing before I spoke, “Sorry I’ve been a little preoccupied lately. I almost forgot I have to do an oil change tomorrow.”
“Don’t you always do those? I mean you work at a garage,” her voice came out rough.
I glanced at her before moving to another section of the car.
“I do, but this client is special.”
“Sorry I didn’t mean anything by it.”
“Sorry I haven’t been sleeping and been distracted.”
She raised an eyebrow at me as she stood next to me, “What’s on your mind buddy?”
I shrugged.
“You don’t have to pull that tough guy act on me, I’ve known you since we were little. I knew you when you went through your chubby stage of high school.”
I groaned closing my eyes, “I like to forget the chubby years of high school where no one talked to me.”
“So now I’m no one? Okay now I deserve a free car wash.”
“Didn’t your parents tell you not to insult a guy with a bucket of water that they could just dump on you?”
I smirked as she narrowed her eyes, “I really have some sense to call up your father and tell him how obnoxious his son is to women.”
I chuckled, “He would be torn of scolding me and laughing at what I said.”
She shoved my arm.
“I really don’t know why I’m friends with you at times.”

I chuckled. In the back of my mind I kept thinking about how it was a not so secret that Remy had a crush on me. I kept my eyes on the car instead of on Remy. Tomorrow I had my special client and I had to make sure I got enough sleep to be able to do the work.

To the friends who are also our siblings...

Beneath the Scars
Chapter 3

Turning off the engine after I pulled into the driveway I sat there listening to the music be cut off, as the engine slowed down till it stopped completely. I had to get out of the car and into the home. Sighing I tugged on the hood even though it was already up and covering my face. Slamming the door I walked to the front door ringing the doorbell than I waited on the front porch. Even though I was at family’s house I couldn’t bring myself to just walk in. My once stand up right posture was now slightly hunched over with my head hidden. Through the door I could hear the dog barking and shuffling of feet before my sister, Charlotte, opened the door with a wide smile. She stood aside as she let me in.
“I was starting to wonder when you’d show up,” my sister greeted her voice was so cheery giving me a hug before moving aside for me.
“Well I was waiting for it to get dark,” I answered as their collie ran over to me standing on it’s hind legs to put the front ones on my upper body.
My sister pulled the dog off me.
“Dumb dog, you are going to wake up the kids,” Charlotte pulled on the dog’s collar off me as she started in the direction of the kitchen. “Rily, I love you and the kids miss you. You are going to have to eventually come out in the daylight, can’t live like an nocturnal animal forever.”
I huffed, rolling my eyes at my sister’s back.
“Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me!” Charlotte snapped turning into the kitchen moving cups and the kettle around.
“Don’t use your mom ninja skills on me,” I sighed not in the mood to deal with my sister mothering me, again.
“I’m your older sister and a mother of two, it’s a habit,” Charlotte turned to face me, head titled slightly as her long, loosely curled, brown hair framed her pale face. “I worry about you.”
Her blue green eyes softened their shade similar to my own. Heavy steps came down the steps and in a couple of seconds her husband, Paul, strolled into the room. Paul nodded in my direction as he looked over at his wife, she smiled at him.
“I’m finishing up the last bits of my paperwork, but the little monkeys don’t want to go to bed,” he stated, his eyes locked on my sister’s, as a crash upstairs occurred on cue.
“I read to you guys your bedtime story go to bed,” my sister yelled as she put water into the kettle.
“But Mom,” a small voice whined, I smirked ready for what my sister was about to bestow.
“But nothing, you two bed-“
Before my sister could finish I interrupted unable to control myself, “Get back into bed before the monsters tries to bite your ankles!”
Yelps and screams poured from the upstairs as thunderous steps came down the stairs. Charlotte glared at me as she threw the empty box of tea at me, I chuckled. The two nearly slid into the kitchen with the younger one almost falling from the footie pajamas against the tile.
“Uncle Rily,” my niece Madison glowed as she noticed me changing her direction to me with open arms.
Madison had only recently been that friendly with me, right when I came home she was in tears refusing to come near me or even lay eyes on me. Charlotte talked to her about what I did overseas and why I was burnt all over, Madison slowly came around calling me a hero despite the fact that I didn’t feel like one. Parts of my skin were grafted while others were just distorted. She was seven, but my nephew Elliot was four, and was still afraid of me, I couldn’t blame him I had the appearance of a malevolence Greek creature. Madison jumped into my lap giving me a hug while Elliot tip toed over to my sister nearly hiding his face in his teddy bear.
“Uncle Rily can you read us a bedtime story and check to make sure that monster isn’t there?” Madison begged, her eyes grew wide, bottom lip puckered out.
“Maybe,” I responded ruffling the top of her head, my fingers got tangled in her light brown hair.
“Aw come on,” Madison continued to plead. “Elliot don’t you want Uncle Rily to read to us too?”
Elliot buried his face into Charlotte’s leg.
“Elliot go on and say hi to your Uncle,” Charlotte encouraged her son, putting her hand on his back nudging him in my direction.
The grin on my face faded. My eyes drifted to the floor knowing that my once happy go lucky nephew who was so young when I left was no longer that way with me. Everything changed, now my own family was afraid to look at me, treaded on broken glass when they talked to me. My sister was the only one who acted like nothing ever changed. Even that I questioned. I felt sick and angry wanting to go back into my gloomy apartment.
“It’s fine Charlotte,” I mumbled, my hand formed into a fist by my side on the leg that was opposite of Charlotte.
“It’s not fine Rily, go on Elliot see Madison is fine,” she spoke gently.
Elliot didn’t even budge, my brother-in-law just picked Elliot up and brought him back up to his room. Paul had the personality of a wet rag. He managed to talk less to me since I’ve been home the past year.
“He’s four don’t-”
“I’m a beast I get it,” I cut her off my voice gruff.
“You aren’t a beast,” Madison responded she turned around so that she was facing me she place a hand on both sides of my face, even the deformed parts that were forever scarred. “You are nice.”
Madison then leaned in and kissed my cheek.
“Night Uncle Rily,” Madison smiled as she hopped off my lap.
“Night Madison sweet dreams,” I responded, she giggled as she went upstairs.
“See,” my sister grinned showing her smugness as she poured the hot water into a mug. “Do you want some tea?”
“Sure,” I answered bracing myself for the lecture that was about to be served with the steaming water.
“See Madison is not afraid of you, you can stop shutting yourself from the world,” Charlotte started while I rolled my eyes. “You did a good-“
“Your husband is a grown man and won’t even look at me,” I pointed out getting sick of this.
“Oh he’s just awkward around every person, it’s not because of the burn scars Rily.”
“Whatever,” I grumbled.
“Rily, you’re not Madison’s age, use your words,” Charlotte scolded her eyes narrowed.
“Yes mother,” I continued to protest stirring the liquid mindlessly.
“Rily seriously, you did an amazing thing and receive honors for-“
“Yeah the honors are really helping me I can’t even walk out of my house without being gawked at. My own nephew won’t come near me!” I snapped, not able to hold back the fury in my voice.
Charlotte walked over to me brushing the hood off my head; my brown hair was scorched off of my skin leaving red rippling skin. I cringed as she ran her fingers over the top of my head down to my chewed up ear. Her touch was so soft.
“Baby brother, you have a heart of gold, you always have. I just wish you could remember that and see past the reflection in the mirror,” her voice was a tender lullaby she bent down and kissed the top of my head while laying strokes on my scalp.
“Easier said then done,” I muttered my voice calmer then before.
“Uncle Rily you said you’d read me a story!” Madison pointed out from up the stairs.
“Your audience awaits,” Charlotte gave my back a little push.
I rolled my eyes and took sluggish steps towards the stairs to see Madison in her pajamas with a stuffed dog in her grasp.
“Come on, Uncle Rily you’re walking too slow,” Madison complained causing me to run up the stairs as she squeaked.
I scooped Madison up so that she was in a ball near my head, blowing a raspberry into her neck she giggled louder.
“Stop it!”
“Continue? Okay,” I tickled her stomach; her laughter filled the house as a door behind us cracked open to show a peeking Elliot.
“Rily I wanted them to sleep stop winding them up!” my sister ordered. “So help me when you have kids karma is going to get you in the butt! And if karma doesn’t I sure as hell will!”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I stuck my tongue out at Madison she grinned, Elliot shut the door.
I sat on Madison’s bed as she grabbed a picture book. Madison scurried under her sheets curling against my side. I started to read the book as her eyes slowly drifted to close and before the book was done Madison was asleep. Getting up slowly I tucked her in before tip toeing out of her room, closing the door lightly. My sister was standing there at the top of the stairs smirking, her arms crossed over her chest.
“You’re great with kids.”
I rolled my eyes for what felt like the billionth time tonight.
“You’re going to be a great daddy one day,” Charlotte continued.
“A girl would have to be able to stand to look at me to make that happen.”
“You would have to actually leave your house at normal hours to start with. I just want you to be happy Rily, you know that right?”
“I do, but I probably should get going,” I spoke she gave me a hug and I made my way out into the night.

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