Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sequels, shops, updates

Hey Lovelies!
So there needs to be a lot of updates. I'm currently applying all over New Jersey in search for a teaching job,  so my head is spinning with applications. The other night I sent out seven that night alone, I'm really hoping for a couple of the schools I applied to, one of my friends just got a job in E so it would be nice to have a friend, H is a high school my uncle and aunt live in, and HL is even closer than the other two. Sorry for using letters I just don't know if I should be putting the actual school names in here, because honestly I've probably applied to over 50 at this point. I hate the waiting game...

I'm getting in some real quality TLC time with my characters. I am getting to write fiction again, no footnotes needed! I'm putting a little pause on End of the Line trilogy because I did finish the second one, but the third one is a little weird, and I'd hate to put out a series just for the sake of putting out a series. I might come back to the series, but right now it's on the back burn. However Family Ties' sequel Invisible Bonds is doing pretty well, I wasn't sure how it would do, but the characters are taking me in a different direction. Abby knows what she is doing so I'll trust, it is different the first I will warn people now, even the format is different. That and I am working on a couple other projects like The Four Purposes of Oil which I broke through the writer's block on! If I can work on it more it could be a fun New Adult book :)

If you haven't already checked out my giveaways going on to the right is the one on Goodreads, and two entries down or HERE is a big giveaway that is going on till June 23 which is the biggie. It is my way to celebrate graduating college, I'm giveaway signed paperbacks of End of the Line and Family Ties and an Amazon gift card. Also you can check out the little store tab, I changed things up a little since I did change two of my covers. If there is a quote you like I can try to work it into the store. I know I did get a request for putting in the store tab to get it so I can sell signed copies, after the giveaway is done I will try to work on that because I do think that would be fun. So I will work on it!


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