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Sample Sunday ~ The Four Purposes of Oil

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I know it's been awhile since I have posted a sample Sunday, especially since I was working on sequels, but I am posting one! I had posted the first chapter while back, and it was flipping back and forth between first and third person, I finally settled on first person. I'll using third on another story to play with, and I'm so happy this story is picking up pace, I'm hoping I just didn't jinx it though ::knocks on wood::. It's going to be taking some interesting turns and I'm liking the characters.

Chapter One Noah

The Four Purposes of Oil

Chapter Two

Standing in the kitchen in a tank top and shorts I leaned over to open the window above the sink. Coffee started to radiate through the air. Yawning big I press my back to the counter rubbing my face from last nights lack of sleep. The scrapper of nails made its way from upstairs and towards me. Then there before me were big brown eyes stared up at me with perked brown ears. Daisy was a mutt, mostly Border collie we think, since she was fluffy and had white and brown patches on her. Daisy sat down with a loyal plop against the tile floor.

“It’s coffee dog, you don’t want that.”

Daisy tilted her head. Shuffling around I grabbed a mug then poured some of the coffee into the light blue cup. My eyes scanned the pale blue kitchen that I visited every summer while growing up. My Nana was very into the pastel colors, each room was a different color. Sipping the liquid gold I made my way over to 
the cabinets to see if I had any oatmeal left. Shifting through the shelves it was apparent that I needed to go food shopping. I just was happy I got Nana’s medicine the night before even though she waited to the last minute to tell me she needed any.

“You scrunch your face that much you’ll look as old as me in like ten years,” a gentle voice traveled over.

“Just noticing I need to go shopping,” I responded.

“We can go after breakfast, shorter lines, and it’ll be good to be out,” Nana walked across the tile floor before opening the refrigerator.
“Let me get you something to-”

“Payton I’m fine, I’m on meds not disable.”

Nana pulled out a gallon of milk as her long braid of white and grey hair was thrown over her shoulder. Her features that were once sharp were now softened a bit. She was wearing a sweater over her nightgown.

“Nana I can go by myself there’s no reason for you to have to go,” I spoke up as she pushed me aside to get her box of cereal. “Let me help you.”

Nana swatted my hands away, “Girl I love you, but you’re not too old for me to punish you. I can handle making myself a bowl of cereal, the doctor even told you that I should be doing some stuff around the house would be good for me.”

“I’m sorry Nana I’m-”

“I know you’re just looking out for me,” Nana kissed me on the forehead and poured her cereal. “We’ll eat and get ready to go out. Looks like a pretty day for a drive.”

Nana started to eat her cereal at the table with Daisy laying loyally at her feet. Glancing over while I made my own meal periodically peering over to her, getting no peace of my own while she hummed and ate.

Throwing on a tank top and shorts after my shower quickly in hopes that we can get in and out of the store. Brushing my hair I was thankful that it was cut short and that I didn’t have Nana’s long hair. Grabbing my purse and unlatching the keys that were clipped to the strap I went to Nana’s door and knocked.

“Nana are you ready?” there wasn’t any response and my heart sped up, so I knocked again. “Nana?”
When there was still no answer I opened the door searching her room. Nana came waltzing out of her bathroom putting on a necklace.

“Are you in a hurry?”
Shaking my head as Nana continued down the stairs after walking by me.

“No but-”

“Then nothing, do you have your keys?”

“Yeah I-”

“Okay then we can get going

Rolling my eyes I let out a huff of breath. Nana was already halfway out the front door causing me to skip stairs to catch up with her. Who was glancing at the flowers along the walkway to the car. Nana’s fingers seemed to grazing each flower as she walked by.

“When we come back I should put on a hat and water these. Especially that spot it looks like it is drying out,” Nana leaned over to sniff a couple of her roses. “Despite the thorns they are quite beautiful don’t you think?”

Speaking quietly, voice drained, “Yes Nana, but can we go-”

“Take my advice, life is too short not to smell the roses.”

I unlocked the door and tried to help Nana into the car. Laying a hand on her back and trying to take her other hand only to get it swatted away.

“What did I say about helping me?”

I gave a weak smile while muttering in my head. Once Nana was fully in the car I closed the door and went into the driver’s side. Once the car was started I took off out of the neighborhood. Nana rolled down her window down before she started to play around with the different radio stations till she found one to sing with. I glanced over at Nana, I began to wonder which one of us was the twenty one year old and which one was the grandparent. People waved to the two family members in the car as they drove by. Nana waved to everyone back as I kept both hands firmly on the wheel. The small homes, each had their own gardens surrounded by bright green lawns. The local stores were in the center of the town.

Passing the recreation center with the soccer fields I turned into the heart of town. There was a small bookstore, movie theater that had two screens, toy store, and several more including the food store that I was targeting to get to for my mission. Parking up front I attempted to help Nana out of the car who ignored my offer. Before moving in with Nana, I moved around a couple of times so I did not get the full attachment that Nana had to her house.

Nana left Payton behind at the car to pick out a cart and started to head into the store. I turned towards the entrance to have my eyes widen at her lost family member. Jogging to catch up with Nana I ended up in the aisle with the apples. Nana was putting some in a bag.

“You can’t do that to me,” I muttered a little out of breath.

Nana pointed her index finger at me, “Watch your tone with me. You’re going to end up with more wrinkles then me at this rate you are going at.”

“Oh Beverly,” a woman called from across the section waving her arm high in the air, she pushed her cart over till she was standing in front of Nana. “It is so nice to see you about again.”

Nana just grinned politely at one of her neighbors not letting her know that she had no interest in talking to her.

“Good morning Patty I saw that your flowers were coming in beautifully,” Beverly responded. “You’ve met my granddaughter Payton?”

Patty turned her head to glance over at me who was wearing a tight grin. Another person I was being introduced to. I had been introduced to so many people my head was spinning with names. It amazed me that Nana was able to keep everyone straight, the entire town seemed to not only know each person’s name, but their entire biography known. It took all of my strength to not sigh in exasperation.

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