Friday, October 15, 2010


I've been working on the book trailer for "End of the Line". I'm searching around for pictures. Along with I've been figuring out Book Blogs and goodreads still, just what a college student needs to find, another way to procastenate!! I really do not do well with cold weather and being away from home, I really did not get to take a lot of books with me. I really wish I had my copy of "This Lullaby" by Sarah Dessen.

I was very difficult when it came to romance in high school, and slowly trying to make sure I don't mess up my chances for the future. I'm not a mushy kind of person, and I could relate with the character Remy. I loved this book, it is my favorite by Sarah Dessen. It was sweet and I loved Dexter, who is sweet and full of his own quirks. Its fun, cute, and witty and I know excatly where it is in my bookshelf 50 miles away from here...


  1. Thank you! I'm not real tech. savvy so it is interesting, but I'm having fun with it!!

  2. Hey Ottilie! I found you from book blogs and am following you.

    What is your book about? Did you self publish it? I'm always curious how that works with the marketing angle.

    Anyhoo, stopping by and would love it if you checked out my blog and my journey to get published:)

  3. Hey Deana! Sorry that it took me this long to respond I haven't figure out how to get noticfied that someone commented. YeahI did self published, from the marketing point it isn't real helpful on their part, it is competely on you. At least it is with the company I'm with. My story is about, this is a sneak preview of the summery I'm putting on the book trailer I'm working on:

    "No one ever said that the end of the world would be quick and painless..."
    As water begins overflow the east coast a surviving group of teenagers and children are forced to travel west.
    Aaron, a reckless but determined teenager and his peer, Lauren, who’s lost and confused but caring, take charge of the group.
    At seventeen the two couldn’t be more diverse in personality, which seems to only cause disagreements.
    Just as the duo is coming to terms with there new parental roles they meet up with an old foe of Aaron’s…
    Dean Manson
    "He was the mayor here for years and was head of the police department...he's been out to get me."
    Aaron sacrifices his safety in order to protect the group; he creates a false trail for Dean Manson and his accomplice’s to follow…
    but Dean is a sly character who will stop at nothing to exact revenge.
    Tensions rise while Aaron and Lauren begin to feel more than just platonic toward one another.
    To make matters worse, they both have separate plans that they’re sure will lead the group to safety, but there lack of communication creates problems.
    "Should I even be happy to be alive during all of this or should be wishing that I was dead...?"
    Can the group survive, or will this be the…
    End Of The Line

    Also thank you for looking at my blog I'll go check yours out!!

  4. That sure sounds good! Is it going to be a series? Are you still trying to get it published(I saw you were sending out querys)?

    Good luck on your journey. Isn't writing fun:)

    Oh and if you want to get notified when you get comments go to your dashboard and click on your settings link then click on the comments tab and towards the bottom it will ask you to type in the email if you want notifications. Hope that helps

  5. This book will not have a sequeal, I love the characters which I would love to continue. HOwever how I ended it I don't want to write a second one and drag it out. I have probably over 30 stories started, finished, or in the middle of and there is a trilogy in there that I'm excited about! Like it is published, you can find it through Barnes & Nobles, Borders, and Amazon. I've sent out over 50 query letters for it, waiting to hear from a few back from, if they are more no's I'm going to have to keep looking to where to send letters to.

    Thank you!! I love writing, it really helps me sort out emotions, calm my nerves, and has helped me sort out dreams that really bothered me. College at times gets in the way, but if i have a chance to edit or write I take it. And thank you, after I read your comment I went on a search to figure out and found it, but thank you so much!


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