Friday, October 29, 2010

Update on Book Trailer

I'm sure people are getting sick of me saying that the Book Trailer for 'End of the Line' is on its way. However, it is on its way. I'm home from school this weekend so I'm able to see my friend Amy who said she'll do the images! I'm going to be seeing her tonight to hang out along with to give her a copy of 'End of the Line' because she read it back maybe 3 years ago. So her memory is a little fuzzy. Yay for working process!! I'm having fun figuring this out. Also 'Family Ties' I'm pretty sure I'll be looking for agents for it soon, so that it'll be book number two out! I'm pretty excited about that! Further more, book number three, 'A Pirate's Life for Me' is about a little more than halfway through being edited! All so exciting especially since the semester is almost over!

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