Friday, October 22, 2010


I hope everyone is preparing for the weekend! I hope everyone will have a better weekend then me. I have a bunch of homework this weekend, especially since Halloween weekend I have a huge family thing that I will not be able to any really. To help the no pressure time, November, project month and finals in December, so exciting...let me tell you. I really wanted to get more of the Book Trailer this weekend, but I am not sure if I can because of the homework. I'm going to try, because I really like sticking to a schedule. I'm going to try to get a hold of the guy to see if he is interested. Just to prove my needing to stick to my plan, I'm having my friend Alex read the chapter in "A Pirate's Life for Me". He is brutely honest so I'm a little nervous.

I've been talking to this author on Goodreads and he has been helping me with questions about self publishing vs. traditonal publishing. Along with comparing notes about agent letters. It was all good information, but my mind is spinning with all this information.


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