Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pirating Stories

I know people for years have been talking about pirating movies. I know I have gone to NYC a few years back and seen the movies on the streets being sold. However people are doing this will stories online. I read something this morning that I would like to share.

"Writers are having problems with pirates. No, not the kind with big ass swords who yell, “I’m going to use your guts for garters, my pretty.” No, these internet pirates are stealing our books.

Authors and publishers are being forced to walk the financial plank. Not only do these brigands cost us hard-earned income, they can even contribute to ending our careers. Sales determine an author’s success and if thousands of our books are being downloaded from the pirate sites instead of legitimate sites, it can seriously impact our sales and future career.

What surprises us the most about these bandits is they list “being a mom” on their profiles. Wow! Are these moms going into grocery stores and stealing food? If they need a new car, do they steal the neighbor’s? Do they spot a designer dress and stuff it in their pants and run out the front door? Probably not, because they know they’ll end up in jail with a nice arrest record and fingerprint goop all over their hands.

The pirates know they are doing wrong but just don’t care and here’s a list of excuses they hide behind.

Freedom of speech. Say what? Stealing other people’s work is NOT freedom of speech. It’s theft, plain and simple. How would the pirates like it, if they worked a 60 hour week and on payday someone came in and snatched 90% of their pay away claiming it was their “right” to do so?

The economy. Guess what? Writers eat, too. We’re working stiffs trying to make ends meet. Our books are our paychecks and we only get paid based on the sales of our books. They don’t sell well, we don’t get paid.

Writers are rich. I wish. Most authors make less than a Walmart greeter. Sad but true. Very few of us live in a mansion and jet to Europe for the weekend.

They’re doing us a favor by putting our books on these sites. Are you kidding me? You’re not helping us and we don’t enjoy being robbed blind by our so called fans.

It’s a criminal act to upload or download books you didn’t write for free. Most of the “free” download sites are basically criminal organizations. Some sites even burn dozens of popular ebooks to CD’s and sell them on ebay.

There is a pending bill in the Senate S3804, The Combatting Copyright Infringement and Counterfiet Acts. However this bill was stashed when the Senators made a mad dash home to save their flagging careers. The elections are over and we need to eat. Please email your Senator. This has to stop."

I recieved this on goodreads and felt it should be shared.


  1. Interesting and very scary Ottilie. How do you find out if your book's been pirated?

  2. I really wish I knew! However if I find out I'll share that on here!

  3. I was only told to check by googgling the book and you the author

  4. Checked - phew! I'm safe for the moment. Thanks

  5. haha yeah I checked I was happy! No probelm in the blog about veterans day is a link to vote on the bill!


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