Friday, November 26, 2010

update news

I hope everyone had a happy and fun Thanksgiving yesterday!! I know I did, had a few of my relatives over my parent's house. I got to see three of my little cousins, they really are growing up so fast! The 3 year old decided the napkin was meant to be a hat instead of being worn on his lap. Going to NYC tomorrow to see his older sister who is 10 preform in the Liberity Center The Nutcracker tomorrow!! I'm truley thankful for my family! They were so excited to hear about my news about Family Ties. I'm also thankful for my friends, the giggles of the conversations that night!!

I just finished editing A Pirate's Life for Me tonight!! It took longer then I wanted it to, but I'm so happy that I got to relive that story! I am sending it to the friend I'm decating it to if it gets published. I'm curious on her opinion and if she agrees with me if it needs a sequal. My worry is if it does get published, that the people reading it will chuck the book at my head for how I ended it. Plus it isn't like people would have to twist my arm much to revisit the characters Sly and Jacqueline. I love my characters, I enjoy the characters more then my plots.

Have fun and stay safe with the upcoming holiday season!


  1. Hey Ottilie - I nominated you for an award ;-). Go take a look at my blog:

  2. Aw sue seriously thank you so much!!!

  3. Ottilie, Thanks for the comment and the follow. Also, congratulations on your publishing success (I’m just a tinsy, tinsy bit jealous…) – very intriguing cover on End of the Line! Look forward to reading your future posts.

  4. Aw thanks TwoBibliomaniacs!! Thanks I love the cover of End of the Line a good friend of mine drew it for me! Thanks you too!!


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