Monday, December 20, 2010


Hey Everyone!!
Sorry that it has been a little bit, finals are finally done along with the semester!!! I'm going to highly enjoy this time off! I recieved The Hourglass Door and The Poison Study, with more to come and this just adds to my excitement! Sorry I'm highly easily amused! Plus a dork so it's all good. So yesterday was my 21st birthday!! I'm not really a drinker so it wasn't overally a big deal, but I had some fun with my one housemate last night at school since it was her last night!! Going to miss her in the house! My friend Melissa will be kidnapping me tomorrow night, which shall be interesting none the less...

Okay so in other news TOMORROW I'm finally going to summit author bio and the description of Family Ties to BC Publishing finally!! I feel bad I keep putting it off!! I will probably will have a friend read the decription to see if it makes people want to read the book. I will also try to take an author picture tomorrow after I get my new license (those who are from NJ will understand when you turn 21 your license change directions). I'll try not to be too picky with the promises.

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