Sunday, December 26, 2010

BLIZZARD accomplishments!!

Hey Everyone!!!
So if I sound a little crazy, blame the Cabin Fever kicking in!! For those who are NOT living in Jersey might now this, there is a blizzard outside my window (i really wouldn't mind having a mint oreo blizzard from DQ right about now...)!!! My area is suppose to get around 18 or so inches of snow! It is seriously insane, I could barely see out my window today. That kicked my butt to get things done however. I got to finally take my new author picture, author bio finished, summery of Family Ties for the back cover done, interview for Jessica done, and lastely uploaded End of the Line up on Amazon for kindle format which will be able to be downloaded on Kindles this week!!

I hope the holidays were great to everyone and will keep doing so!!


  1. Check you out!! lol! I don't think I have ever seen 18 inches of snow...yikes. I thought 4 was bad when we visited the mountains years ago...but this is coming from a Florida girl...I am pretty sure its around 30 degrees outside right now, and I think I would die if I were to walk out there even in my snow jacket that I special ordered because it gets too cold in Florida. lol! Sad, but true.

  2. Haha thanks! Hahah yeah I drive a Nissan Altima and I can barely see the top of my car (my driveway is a slight hill). We have around 20-23 inches of snow. Hahaha yeah I can understand that I have bad circulation and this weather is not too kind to me, we've been hitting 30 degrees in Jersey for over a month now. We are currently still under state of emergency.


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