Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So whether it's a good idea or I'm trying to find a new way to procastenate, we'll never know...However, tell me what you think of the new 'page' for my books. I'm going to put the summeries of each story on there. I might add like fun facts for each story under the summery, though I'm not sure, tell me what you think!


  1. tell me more about your book! Where can i check it?
    Thanks for adding!!!

  2. No problem! you can find 'end of the line' online at amazon, bn, and borders. It is an young adult book about the end of the world and a group of teens seven ranging from 17-6 working together to try to survive. It is told by the two 17 year olds, one male and the other female. If surviving wasn't hard enough there is a man by the name of Dean Manson who is followign the group trying to seek revenge on the 17 year old male.

    the one coming out in May is about a girl who gets kidnapped. It is told by her, her one male friend, and her great grandmother when she was a girl.

  3. have you tried smashwords.com?
    they have very good distribution channels!

    p.s. I'd love you to check out my book, too. :)

  4. I kind of looked at the site I thought it was for ebooks? Sure! It might be a little bit till I read it, but I'll defiently add it to my read list! do you use goodreads.com ?

  5. Hey:)
    No, not yet....i check it out.
    Good luck and have fun with the interview!!
    It is for e-books, with very good distribution possibility! ;)

  6. Hey! You should check it out it is seriously addicting and the people on the site are nothing but amazing to talk to. It is very helpful with networking and getting tips. Okay I'll have to look into it!


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