Monday, December 27, 2010

Cabin fever, day 2

Hey Everyone!!
I don't know if everyone will understand this reference, but if anyone has seen The Muppet's Treasure Island, the song 'cabin fever' is beginning to take form. Those of us that are in Jersey, are still under state of emergency, and to further prove it. It stopped snowing this morning and it is 7pm and my street has yet to be plowed, just lovely. Just as a reference there is probably over 2 feet of snow. My poor car is gone, well was till my dad shoveled the driveway, but the street to free us all, nopes. The town's police called us to make sure that we would not leave our homes, however happily enough we did not lose power, I finished reading The Hourglass Door, and I have been working on the sequal to A Pirates' Life for Me, 'Heart Out at Sea'. After reading The Hourglass Door, just further proved, if I leave how I end A Pirates Life for Me how it is, I will have books thrown at my head.

Since a fair amount of people are getting a from of an e-reader, that will lead to more bruising which is not very nice! I'm figuring the characters out a little better, and I'm thinking there will be a form of romance that I have never really done before. It's all exciting! I can wait to explore this story a little more so that you all can also read it. I also have a few other tales being worked on as well. I guess I really needed this break from school!

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