Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Before ~Book Review

Hey Lovelies!
There is a new debuting author that deserves some love!  Cambria Hebert is having her first novel (Masquerade) published next month and has written a short story to be the prequel!  I was one of the lucky people who got an advance copy of the prequel, Before!  She is a sweet and sassy lady that you all should check out!  Her blog is linked on the side of my blog.  This is an honest review, because I seriously enjoyed Before and can not wait to read the novel Masquerade.  This is an up coming author that I can't wait to see more from!

4 out of 5 stars
Before is a short story setting up for the debut Young Adult novel Masquerade by Cambria Hebert.  The novelella is written in beautiful language that wraps around your mind placing you in this world.  Cambria's words are descriptive so that the readers can imagine every scene as if they are there.  The main characters Sam and Heven are eager for the readers to get to know them more in Masquerade as we get a peek into their lives in Before.  Sam is part of a dark world that is looming over him, he wants out as his only peace of mind is knowing that a girl he barely knows is safe.  Heven has the prefect life, great friends, date with her crush, and was made head cheerleader which is turned around.  Cambria has written a great short story to set up her novel Masquerade that will have the readers craving for more.



  1. Thank you for tje most awesome review!! Your blog is just so pretty i love seeing the review here!

  2. Hehe you are seriously welcome! I really enjoyed reading it! Thank you for letting me read it! Hehe aw thank you :)


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