Friday, November 11, 2011

Wedding Dress and Files

Hey Lovelies!I am overjoyed with the fact that I came back from school to find a new laptop with my old files on it!  There really are not enough words in the English language to cover how happy and relieved I was to see them!  I just was was playing around on with the files then found all of the stuff, I literally sighed with relief!  I probably have to do some HUGE thanks to my dad and his friend for saving my life that was on that harddrive!  I'm friends with my ex, Ryan, and he and I were talking about it he understood how much I was freaking out last weekend.  So since the computer will not be taken away from me since now it has Word (squeals!) I get to keep this pretty little thing!  I probably will have to find a name to fit this laptop....

Okay, so if you are reading the heading you were probably stratching your head wondering why I put in Wedding Dress.  No the wedding dress isn't for me, I'm single as single comes.  I have a guilty pleasure, we can blame my mom for this, but I watch 'Say Yes to the Dress'.  Ryan just found that out recently and he laughed at me.  I got my roomie Heather last year into watching it, and my mom and I have fun watching it.  I am not really a girlie girl and wears dresses myself really, but the show is really addicting in addition amazing what people will spend.  I love getting to look at wedding dresses for different eras with Pirate's Life for Me and Family Ties, plus a couple other stories that aren't time framed base.  With the quiz coming up with Family Ties I thought I would post a picture of the dress that inspired Emma's Wedding dress.  I wasn't sure if I was going to have this picture still, but since I do let's have a little fun!

Now you are probably wondering why i made the picture so big, sorry if it is a little obxious but I just wanted everyone to be able to see all the pretty details that I just fell for! I love Google and had way too much fun researching dresses. I'm sure whatever guy ends up with me is going to have to have a good sense of humor about my researching!

I loved the dress and really thought Violet might have done her best work on this dress.  The dress was an ivory color.  The back had small crystal buttons along my spine.  There was a full, small, scoop neckline that I’ll probably wear with a diamond chocker.  The dress was sleeveless.  The top of the dress had sheer fabric at the straps, the scoop to the sweetheart top absolutely covered in gem beads in small designs.  It was a slim fit, hugging my body to a little above my knees, where it was like a skirt.  More fabric fanned out and I wondered if I spun around if it would spread like a regular dress.  Around the seam of where the skirt started were more beading like a budding flower, with a stem and leaves on both sides, almost like they were turned to the side, drawing more attention to the bud that was near the middle of the dress.  The top of the sweetheart ivory part of the top was outlined in the same sparkles, descending down to the bud.


  1. That gown is so gorgeous. Perfect for 3 button vested suits. I'm looking forward to seeing my future wife wearing that gown.

  2. Hehe I really like the dress and I don't blame you!


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