Friday, November 18, 2011

Global Take over! well not quite...

Hey Lovelies!
Family Ties is ploting a global takover! Mwhaha...well not really, try Family Ties will be used as a hashtag (#FamilyTiesOW) on December 3rd 1pm-3pm! It's going to be fun, the more you spread the word the more people that will be involved! Brings true meaning to 'The more the merrier'!

Family Ties will be taking over! Well not quite, using the hashtag #FamilyTies you can ask me any question you want! I'm hoping I'll be doing this right. Wonder why I picked the names I did? Why was there a gorilla chasing a banana? Have a question for me? On December 3rd log onto Twitter and prepare your keyboard, we'll make it a party! Spread the word, the more involved the more fun we'll have! :)

Just remember to use the hashtag #FamilyTiesOW


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