Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lets all get along

Hey Lovelies!So I'm not sure if you all know this but I'm an Education major, and in the state of New Jersey there is this thing that was created (HIB) to help stop bullying in school.  Let me back track a little, I logged onto facebook after my classes and a picture that my mom uploaded popped up on my news feed.  My family got an eighth month old puppy two weeks ago, she is an absolute sweetheart.  She is still a little skittish, and is afraid of doorways, but she loves to give kisses.  The only name that my family agreed upon was Ottilie, long story I'll spare you the details.  Ottilie loves to play with other dogs because before she came to live with us lived on a farm (20 acres) in California with her breeder.  She wants to play with our two cats so much, but they don't really care for her.  My male cat, Maximus especially gets really nervous with her being around, but when I came online I saw this picture.

I'm in love with this picture if you haven't noticed!  The big joke is dogs and cats hate each other, and if you ever seen the movie Cats and Dogs, you pretty much watch the two battle it out, a long lived war.  In Homeward Bound, the cat sung, 'dogs drool and cats rule'.  We joke about their problems, but when it comes to people the fighting isn't always as innocent.  Sticks and Stones do leave bruises, but words leave scars for the rest of people lives at times.  I can still remember being picked on when I was very little by a guy from my old neighborhood, you really just dont' forget their names, because it's tattooed to your brain.

As amazing as the Internet is, there has been a lot of peoples with teens doing more harm to their peers, bullying outside of the playground.  The Internet has been compared to the old west, a new world that people don't know how to regulate laws on.  My one class was talking about how in HIB as teachers we are suppose to be on the alert at all times about what is going on with the students, ready to report any harm.  The Internet is also included in this as an area we are to be held responsible for.  That's a scary thought!  We as humans are told to use our words, they are a beautiful craft, but in the wrong mouth can do a world crashing of problems.  In movies and books (I know I have my fair share of villains in my books...) there is always the good vs evil, but in real life do we really need to create these walls?  Can't we be like the dogs and cats, forget the minor differences, take them as the best of each other, and get along?


  1. Loved your post. Made my day, esp with that picture. We should just all get along and stop bullying!


  2. Aw thanks! Haha thanks that picture really made my day too! We really do just need to get along, we're all here for the long run...


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