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Hey Lovelies!I believe I did mention this before, but I took place in a collection that will be donating funds towards the National Coalition Against Domestic Voilence!  The collection is called Christmas Lites, and it contains 26 authors, some you might have heard of, and others some that you should be hunting more from!  The project came about on a group on Goodreads called Creative Reviews.  If you are on Goodreads you should check out the group it is filled with all sources of lovely people that will make you smile!  Not only is funds that are raised by the sales of Christmas Lites ecopies will be donated to Operation Ebook Drop which gives our armed forces books to read overseas!  Doesn't that all sound like great holiday spirit?  I hope you all check it out, it will be available in ebook and paperback!  The prefect gift for any reader for the holidays all the while raising money for a great cause!  I'll be posting the trailer also under videos!  Help pass the word it comes out November 26 2011!

Once upon a time, a rough and tumble seven year old caught Santa sliding down the chimney...

Then a ninja elf came and broke Santa out, no net is strong enough to keep out this ninja elf! Off past the faithful family pet they ran and jumped in the sleigh. They raced to another house but refused to stop when ghosts were there to greet them. Santa doesn’t tangle with ghosts. He doesn’t tangle with vampires, either.

At the next stop, he met a runaway gingerbread man who yelled, “You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!” Santa didn’t bother to catch him; he had things to do.

On his way to his next delivery, he passed a werewolf jumping out of a plane and dodged a zombie hungry for his brain.

He finally touched down in a nice, normal town full of tidings and great joy…

Or did he?

Dive into a world of variety-a world of spirit with this Creative Reviews anthology.  What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with some short stories that entertain and encompass the true meaning of Christmas?  All proceeds of this book will be donated to the NCADV (national coalition against domestic violence).  Debut authors and published authors have come together in this one-of-a-kind compilation - please help support a great cause and plunge deep into our imaginations.

List of Titles and Authors that are part of the collection:
Shane Stilson: Higher Ground
E.C. Stilson: How I Found My Soul Mate and Turkey Avenger
Vered Ehsani: Christmas Ghost
C.S. Splitter: Whimper
Phil Cantrill: Christmas Story
Brett Talley: Last Year’s Eggnog
Catherine Forbes: The Gateway Incident
Mark Koning: Sweet Child
Tricia Kristufek: Accidentally Gift Wrapped
Paige Kellerman: Christmas Disco
L.A. Wright: Star of Christmas
S. Patrick Pothier: The Road to Comfort
Cassie McCown: Mirror
Angel Armstead: All I want for Christmas
Ottilie Weber: ‘Tis the Holiday Spirit
Amy Eye: The Hunt
JA Clement: A Sprig of Holly
Richard Phelan: Memories of the Splendid Splinter
Mark Mackey: An Amy Harkstone Christmas
Lizzie Ford: Santa’s Ninja Elf
Nicholette Alexandr: Broken Glass
Mark Faulkner: Face
Cambria Hebert: The Perfect Ornament, Blank
Angela Yukiro-Smith: Only That Day Dawns
Mysti Parker: The Carpenter’s Wife

Credits: These are some people who deserves some honoring!
Amy Eye: Formatting, Editing
Vered Ehsani: Editing
Tricia Kristufek, Cassie McCown, Alan Zendell
Cover Design and Print Formatting: Dafeenah Jameel,
Christmas Tree Glyph: Regina Wamba,
Ebook converting for Smashwords: C.S. Splitter
NCADV coordinator: Jenn Pringle

National coalition against domestic violence.

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