Friday, June 27, 2014

Beta Read

Good Afternoon!
So, I join a group the other month were I get to talk to authors, we share tips, places where to get reviews, and beta readers. I have this one story that I wrote when I was 14, and for some reason that story scares me more than any other. You'd think three published novels would make someone more confident, but in reality each story is its own. Project US has an odd plot, which might turn off some readers, and I'm probably over thinking it more than anything. I got six pages back from the beta reader of compliments (by the way she loved this story, hearing that does make me a little less nervous), suggestions, and some grammar suggestions. Poor woman might regret enjoying beta reading for me! I printed out her notes and I'll be going through them more after I finish my final project and my final. She had a couple plot holes that I need to fill in, one major one that I have to figure out how to work in. All of which were good and valid points. I'm excited to dive in as soon as the homework will accept defeat! While I'm doing homework though I will be waiting for the three grammar books that I ordered and one cook book. Hey, the learning never ends :)

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