Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review ~ Summer Demons Mia Hoddell

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So I have a new adult novella 'Summer Demons' by Mia Hoddell for you! It is bot in e-book and paperback edition though. I also have it on high authority there will be more to come (sequels!). Plus who doesn't love the cover?

No one really knows another person's story. Jenna has a history that causes her to be afraid of water because it not only forces her to remember the lose of a love one, but also guilt. Jenna is on a holiday with her friend Amy who will do anything to cheer her friend's low spirits after the tragedy of Jenna's boyfriend dying. Yet, fate has another thing in mind for her, that includes a knee melting grin.

This was the first Mia Hoddell book that I have read, and I'm sure there will be more in the future. Her writing is flowing in a manner that allows the readers to be planted in the scene, but not too wordy. The characters even for a short story are very well developed so that the readers are still feeling the sorrow of Jenna. As Jenna tries to find herself, it is a believable progress of emotions for someone who went through what Jenna went through. Readers will not be disappointed.

Kindle $0.99
Paperback $6.29
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