Wednesday, December 21, 2011

10th day of BOGO!!

Hey Lovelies!
Today is day 10th day of 12 days of Christmas BOGO!!  It is nearing the end are you guys taking advantage of theses deals???  Bucks County Publishing's book that is discounted today before you get the free book is...Fess up, Jessup! by KP Wee i hope you all check out this book!!

Fess Up, Jessup!
by KP Wee
J.J. Jessup, who’d been banished from the public school system for incidences of improper behavior, received a fresh start teaching at a private school for young adults.However, could a leopard change his spots? Could Jessup keep his hands off his new unsuspecting students?His boss, Joe, who knew about Jessup’s concealed past, warned him not to get involved with a bubbly, attractive 21-year-old student named Hye Yeong. Why was Joe so protective of that particular student? And why did Larry, who also worked in the school and was already in his 40’s, carry a picture of her secretly?Other than Jessup’s past, what other secrets were there at Westside International?Jessup was determined to find out how Hye Yeong was connected to both men, and to be with her…Fess Up, Jessup also contains the short-stories: Catching Eva and Mission at the J.This book also contains two other short stories, titled "Mission at the J." and "Catching Eva."

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