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12th Day of Christmas! LAST DAY OF BOGO!!

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Today is the last day of BOGO for the discount that the list of books have than you can pick a book for free!!  I've been showing you all week books that are usually $14, $13, or so dollars, but with my publisher's deal you can get them now for $10 than a FREE book!!  If your wallet is as sad as mine I'm sure this is a deal that'll make you smile!  Here is the books:

Christmas StoriesBy Sandra Krajewski
Sandra Krajewski's Christmas Stories contains two heart warming tales of Christmas fun and tradition. In Just 7 Days Until Christmas follow the family as they count down the days until Christmas. In There's A Mouse in Our House, what happens when the traditional Christmas festivities are interrupted by a furry little intruder!

The Star of Christmas
By Bruce Sarte
For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son... but how did He choose the star to announce the birth of the Savior? Through this moving story of humilty and service to something bigger than ones self a holiday tradition is born! This fully illustrated story of God's servant is sure to become a staple in your holidays for years to come!

Countdown to Grandma's
by Sandra Krajewski
Enjoy the tradition and Countdown to Thanksgiving Day at Grandma's House with the whole family!

The Prophet
by Kim Dahl
After a three year search for a serial killer known as The Prophet, FBI agents Sean Sebastian and Rheta Morgan; both who have a personal reason to stop him, finally get a break and The Prophet is within their reach. Confrontation leads them to discover a secret network called the New Brotherhood and the more they find out about the New Brotherhood, the more determined they are to stop it. When The Prophet takes Rheta and Sean's sister hostage, the race is on to free them and bring down the Brotherhood.

Zombie Showdown
by Sean Sweeney
For a group of sophomores at Gardner High School, it turned out to be a class trip gone awry. For 15-year-old twins Christian and Rachel Sanderski, it was the opportunity to tell the truth. A zombie attack while the kids are on a ghost tour forces Christian to save a group of his friends. The events of the next day, though, lead to Chris and Rachel’s admission – they are the long lost descendants of a legendary gunman who once called Tombstone home. Their mother had forbidden them from saying a word about their genealogy in order to protect them. With the admission, a weight has lifted from their shoulders and, with the help of their friends, Christian and Rachel battle the zombies in a late night brawl. But when the kids are told of the coming of The Three dead cowboys their ancestor had sent to Boot Hill Cemetery, they steel themselves for the fact that they may never return home. Action and adventure, friends lost and friends found. And love, too…

by Mark Davis
Are you tired of being lied to? Do you think our politicians and business leaders are simply looking down their collective noses at the pathetic condition of “We the people” because we are just so lacking their collective superior intellect? Do you feel these titans of intellect are the problem and not the solution? If so, give this little book with big ideas, a read and see what you as an individual feel. Nonsense is a creative, enlightening, and inspirational book for the common man. The quoted scriptures from the bible come into play breaking down similarities between Biblical times and now. From time to time we all need to look at the big picture, what is really going on in this world, stop thinking about what you are told and see things for what they really are. This book helps to open your mind and really look at what is going on around us and to learn from the mistakes of the past. For it is us, as individuals, that can make the change to make a more suitable future in which we all must live. If we as a nation can not pull ourselves together then we as a nation will fall.

by Steven Cross
When Lancelot’s family is destroyed and a strange wizard kidnaps him, Lancelot doesn’t know if he wants to go on living. But in her dying breath, his mother reveals to him that he is destined to be somebody special. However, when he loses his first true love to death and his second to politics, he feels as if nothing good will ever come to him. Add to that when he is possessed by three separate spirits at the same time -- all with a grudge against him things really take on a dark shading for poor Lancelot! When the two spirits who hate him team up with the one whose death he caused he finds himself thrust into the middle of a huge conflict. One that can not only destroy the Lady of the Lake, but also Camelot and another kingdom of which he has no part. When the wizard reveals to him that he is part of this kingdom that exists hundreds of years int he future Lancelot must act! With past, present, and future resting in his hands, Lancelot has to fight for his life and for the world.

Mouth to God's Ear
by Christopher Grosso
In the gritty novel Mouth to God’s Ear, God is leaving forever and it is going to be one hell of a farewell. Although 33 year old Brooklyn hospice counselor Godfrey Thorn should be enjoying the conventional pleasures of life, Godfrey (or God, as he is known) feels dead inside. So he has decided to fight with a mercenary group in an illegal war in some ‘godforsaken’ jungle in Africa. But on this, his final day before leaving for war, God says goodbye to a series of unsuspecting friends, relatives and ex-lovers. As the day turns to night, God’s narcissism escalates into a red-wake of shocking action and God soon finds himself hiding from the police and employing the very people he loathes in his escape from the country. And what’s with the mysterious cuts that have covered his hands since the morning?

Family Ties
by Ottilie Weber
Abby’s family prides itself with its knowledge of its rich family history. Unfortunately, they may be kidding themselves. While trying to survive her summer job armed only with her sarcastic wit and her best friend cory, she thinks things couldn’t get worse. But when she is kidnapped, she learns to be careful what she wishes for!

Fess Up, Jessup!
by KP Wee
J.J. Jessup, who’d been banished from the public school system for incidences of improper behavior, received a fresh start teaching at a private school for young adults.However, could a leopard change his spots? Could Jessup keep his hands off his new unsuspecting students?His boss, Joe, who knew about Jessup’s concealed past, warned him not to get involved with a bubbly, attractive 21-year-old student named Hye Yeong. Why was Joe so protective of that particular student? And why did Larry, who also worked in the school and was already in his 40’s, carry a picture of her secretly?Other than Jessup’s past, what other secrets were there at Westside International?Jessup was determined to find out how Hye Yeong was connected to both men, and to be with her…Fess Up, Jessup also contains the short-stories: Catching Eva and Mission at the J.This book also contains two other short stories, titled "Mission at the J." and "Catching Eva."

Bump in the Night 2011
Each year Bucks County Publishing brings you a collection of stories that will chill your bones and rattle your spine! Stories including a story written by a brain, nightmares that could come true, two brothers trapped in a foreign land, soccer playing zombies, talking poultry, bloody holiday cheer, an elevator from... and to hell plus a kidnapping psycho friend. So sit back, turn on a bright light, grab a warm blanket and whatever you do... don't read this alone! This year's SPECIAL HOLIDAY THEMED anthology includes: Red Christmas by Sean Sweeney The Show Must Go On by Bruce A. Sarte Child Christmas by Christopher Grosso Insanitree by Tim Reilly

List of all the FREE BOOKS!:

Bump in the Night 2010
Bucks County Publishing brings you five stories that will chill your bones! Stories including a story written by a brain, nightmares that could come true, two brothers trapped in a foreign land, soccer playing zombies, an elevator from... and to hell plus a kidnapping psycho friend. So sit back, turn on a bright light, grab a warm blanket and whatever you do... don't read this alone!
Murderous Intent
by K.J. Dahlen
When U.S. Marshal Lola Kane needs help with a witness, retired Marshal Boone Sheridan comes to her aid. Getting the witness, Faith Kessler, back to New York and outrunning several attempts to stop them Boone gets drawn back into the Marshals. Case Ewing wants Faith dead but not before he wants their son back. Faith has evidence that hit man Felix Harley needs to recover, but Felix has a personal reason to want Faith dead. She killed his brother when she made her escape. Felix is good but Boone is better and it’s a race to see which one will prevail.

Thunder Destroys Me
by Lisa Burke
Why are there so many people in bed with Charles and Lucy? Don’t worry, they’re only figments of Charles’ imagination. “Thunder Destroys Me” is a dark, unconventional novel about the agony of jealousy. Join Charles, the ugly, ill-mannered accountant, in his struggle to change his image in order to get the girl of his dreams. Watch him fight the evil Mind Militia, who attack him with messages of doom and hateful judgments. This illuminating story, complete with intriguing characters and scandalous surprises, will make you reassess what you think about thoughts.

Towering Pines
by Bruce Sarte
Towering Pines Volume One: Room 509 is the story of a teenage basketball star who feels his life is over when he is sent to military school to commute an aggravated assault charge. Liam Rider's star quickly falls as he finds military school to be far more than he had bargained for. He finds the cadets harsh and abrasive; and the staff less than welcoming. When the guidance counselor tells him that he is going to be held back a year because of his remedial classes at public school, he feels like life couldn't get any worse. When he meets Lisbeth Harrington, he feels like the tide may be turning in his favor. She is assigned to help him acclimate to his new surroundings in the middle of a semester and he quickly realizes that she is the only friend he has at the school. And when he begins having disturbing dreams of kids killing each other and seeing people in his room that aren't really there, he enlists he help to find out why no one has been assigned to room 509 for twenty years — and why he is being tormented by the ghosts of cadets past. Suddenly pulled into the past of the historic school by nightmares of his own suicide, Liam and Lisbeth are catapulted forward into a secretive society of a long history of ghosts, suicide and murder. Can they solve the mysteries of the military school before Liam becomes the next victim of the ghostly murderer? Or will the administration and cadets conspire against them to their ultimate demise?

Sands of Time
by Bruce Sarte
In one tragic moment, Sam Shepard's family was gone.... His wife and children are taken from him in a tragic accident following a bitter argument. Sam is left alone struggling with the mountain of guilt and the chasm of grief that he can only fill with alcohol. When a young, attractive woman comes to stay at his Inn, Sam thinks his luck might be changing. She brings him comfort and a kindred spirit suffering through her own loss. Is she the answer everything he has been suffering through for all this time? Soon after, Sam begins to have dreams about his dead wife and hallucinate her speaking to him. Has the alcohol finally gotten the best of him... or is it really the hands of death reaching out? ** This is a special, enhanced edition of this popular novel, Sands of Time. It includes a sneak-peak at Bruce's second novel -- Towering Pines Volume One: Room 509 as a bonus! **

Naomi's Journeys
by Sandra Krajewski
Naomi grew up hearing stories from her Gran Gran... and then she started living them! Join Naomi as she travels through history and meets with great historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Cesar Chavez and more!
A Hot Dry Spell
by H. Lindley
Everybody is misunderstood sometimes, so why does Grainger think he will have no problem? He knows all the words, he is focused on his mission and he thinks faster than any human on earth. So why is he having such a terrible time fitting in and making sense of life on our planet? Join Grainger on his malapropistic journey and discover true meaning ... and context. A Hot Dry Spell, miscommunication on an intergalactic scale.


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