Tuesday, December 20, 2011

9th day of bogo me! and sneak peek news! ;)

Hey Lovelies!Bucks County Publishing's 12 Days of Christmas continues and today's my book FAMILY TIES!!!  Hehe pretty awsome!  My book today if you buy off my publisher's site, instead of it's $14 on Amazon you can get for $10 PLUS another book for FREE!!  So exciting and I'm really hoping people take advantage of the offer, I'm a book addict I love taking advantage of deals like that!

On top of sharing that deal with you all I want to tell you about a little project that I've been working on that will be fun!  I'll be setting up a little store on CafePress!  Don't know what CafePress is?  It is a site where you can upload images onto stickers, shirts, mugs, and so much more!  I'll be setting up a little store on there and till End of the Line's new cover is done Family Ties will be the main spotlight.  I'll be setting up a contest soon for a design soon so stay in touch!  And get your thinking caps ready to think of a design that would go along with Family Ties ;)

So here is today's BCP's spotlight!
Family Ties
Ottilie Weber
Abby’s family prides itself with its knowledge of its rich family history. Unfortunately, they may be kidding themselves. While trying to survive her summer job armed only with her sarcastic wit and her best friend cory, she thinks things couldn’t get worse. But when she is kidnapped, she learns to be careful what she wishes for!

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