Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where are you sleep??

Hey Lovelies!
Well today is the last day of classes for the smester and it is offical because of my college I have to stay a whole extra year longer.  Not happy about that!  I'm ready to graduate, but that's a whole other issue.  I am so tired though haven't really been able to sleep the last couple of nights.  It's probably between having to wake up at 6am for going to when I was teaching and exboyfriend stress oh and the fact that my Italian class is TWO chapters behind and we're still having the final on that material so he's rushing it all together.  The first night was on and off every half hour kind of pattern.  I already go through patterns of being able to sleep like a log to barely any.  Second night I thought there was someone in the house...nights like that I wish there was a guy in the house.  Once I woke up that badly thinking there was someone in the house I couldn't relax to go back to sleep.  Last night was just everything swirling around my head and I really have no idea what I'm doing, isn't a good night's sleep suppose to be good for you when you have issues?  But then why is it when you have problems you really can't sleep?  So annoying...

So my only real final (one that isn't a paper or writing lesson plans) is on the 19th, my birthday.  It is also my Italian final.  Totally not looking forward to that, but I'm just thinking of hanging out with a couple of my friends Taylor, Amy, Ann-Marie, and a couple others to help detress after this semester.  I'm hoping ot get my ex's problem under wrap this weekend.  I have classes today then nothing all next week so I'm going to pack today and go home to drive back for my final.  My stomach is in knots...

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