Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 11!!

Hey Lovelies!!
Today is Day 11 of the BOGO of the 12 days of christmas!!  My publisher realized he was a day short so tomorrow will be the array of books but today is Bump in the Night 2011!!  It is a collection of scary stories that will have you running for cover under your blankets!  READ WITH THE LIGHTS ON!  Check out the book that is now $10 instead of amazon's $13!!!

Bump in the Night 2011
several authors!
Each year Bucks County Publishing brings you a collection of stories that will chill your bones and rattle your spine! Stories including a story written by a brain, nightmares that could come true, two brothers trapped in a foreign land, soccer playing zombies, talking poultry, bloody holiday cheer, an elevator from... and to hell plus a kidnapping psycho friend. So sit back, turn on a bright light, grab a warm blanket and whatever you do... don't read this alone! This year's SPECIAL HOLIDAY THEMED anthology includes: Red Christmas by Sean Sweeney The Show Must Go On by Bruce A. Sarte Child Christmas by Christopher Grosso Insanitree by Tim Reilly

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