Friday, December 9, 2011

End of the Line Book Trailer!

Hey Lovelies!
Just reminder in the post from tuesday the giveaway for the ebook copy of Masquerade is still open!  Trust me it is a read that will have you eagerly waiting for second book in the series!  Also I was talking to Amy who is editing End of the Line second edition and by the sounds I think it'll be ready January/Feburary time!  So exciting and it'll give Amy (another amy!) to finish up her finals and have time for the cover!  I think we'll have fun with the cover, she wants to see if I can post more pictures in the book becaus eshe has a couple other pictures she wants to use so I might be playing around with that!  Also my power is back on this morning so I'm going to try to write more of Project US today!  HOWEVER the main news today is that I finally finished the book trailer for End of the Line!  The cover isn't in the book trailer I'll have revealing that when it is done ;)

I made the video and I'm not really tech savvy so bare with me!  I hope you enjoy it and make the wait for End of the Line so much more fun!  I'm also working on End of the Line 2 (Walking a/the Thin Line) which should be fun!  I don't know if it will be a full blown series, but I'm playing it by ear.  Also if you haven't seen it here is also the video for Family Ties.

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