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11 days Family Ties!!

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I'm a little bubbly, because I was invited in a new fun group on Goodreads and someone brought their 4 month old puppy to class tonight! For those who don't know, I have a 11 year old Golden Reteriver so it was fun to see such an adorable puppy!! Don't get me wrong I love my puppy! Back to my real train of thought! ELEVEN DAYS TILL FAMILY TIES!!!!!! I can not believe that it is almost here already I remember sending the query letter in the fall!! Time really flies! So to prepare more for it Abby is poking me to insert the sample here for you all to get a taste! If you like the sample so much and can't wait to order your own pretty copy of the book click the book tap at the top of the blog and click sample under Family Ties!


The alarm right near my head was buzzing loudly. While keeping my eyes closed I swatted at the button to turn off the awful noise. It was summer and I was getting so sick of waking up to this sound. I should be a crime for a teenager to hear the alarm in the summer. It was the end of week one of work. Opening one eye, I looked at the evil, laughing, red numbers on the clock just to make sure that I had to get up. I rolled out of bed, knowing I had to attempt to get ready for work. I stood up and did a full body stretch as I tried to wake up, but the sleep was still heavy, swarming in my mind. I pulled out my dress shirt that was tangled up in my bed sheets and slipped my arms through the long white sleeves, keeping things neat didn’t last long. Let me just tell you, not being fully awake while doing a lot of buttons equals a very bad idea. It took a little longer to button the stupid dress shirt than it should have. Nor was I about to tell anyone how many times I had to redo some of the buttons to get it right.

I shuffled the sheets around a little more to find my black skirt off my bed and slipped it on, pulled it up around my hips then checked to make sure my shirt looked fine. I clipped on my red bowtie and red cummerbund, hating how I looked. However, no matter what I put on or what I thought of what I looked like, my bed hair was surely going to be zero to no help. Looking around the floor for my shoes that I needed, I couldn’t wear just any other shoes for work. I had to wear black nice shoes. Finally I found them. Grabbing my shoes, I went down the stairs realizing that I was the most functional person in my house at the current moment, that’s disgusting. My dad was at work, Mom and Josh didn’t have to be at work for a little while so they were sleeping just a little longer. Every last second of sleep counted. I was completely and utterly jealous.

I hopped off the stairs and waltzed into the bathroom and started to brush my hair. Taming the beast of what is called my hair. My brown hair that was curly and never wanted to be controlled. I managed yet another morning of tying it into a ponytail with some shorter strands escaping to hang in my face. After other morning routine stuff, I walked out the door with a yawn and waited for Cory in front of the gate. I dropped my shoes on the ground then slipped them on.

“Hey,” I spoke quickly as he got closer, with his hands in his pockets.

“Good morning, Abby.” His voice sounding a little more awake than my own, I wanted to hit him.
“Please don’t tell me you just put good and morning together,” I whined.

My family all think once I hit college I was going to get addicted to coffee because of my charming personality in the morning.

He gave a short laugh as I hopped over the fence. I didn’t have enough energy for the jump, but I really wasn’t awake enough to bother trying to open and close it. I could not wait for my dad to fix it. Though I did suggest to just taking down the entire fence since it was a lost cause it seemed, and we weren’t little kids anymore. We knew not to just walk aimlessly in the street.

“Your mother must be proud.”

“I really don’t feel like bothering with the fence right now,” I snapped, rolling my eyes.

It wasn’t like anyone could see anything with how I leapt over.

Cory and I were walking as the sun was getting brighter; the sky was that clear robin egg blue color without a single cloud. The weather was warm already and it was only going to get hotter as the day went by. It was sad on this beautiful summer day, a day that I have been thinking of since the winter coat had to come out of the closet, that I was in a new form of containment. Work. I was going to be stuck inside instead of going to the beach and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. I missed the freedom and sense of becoming alive again while being outside on days like this.

We finally reached the corner where we have to cross the busy street then we would be at the country club. Cory and I waited a minute till the side we were on had a green light. That meant that that side couldn’t turn right so we just hurried across the street before the light changed again. I walked into the back door, which is what our boss prefers us to use instead of the front door, before Cory and into the kitchen where Lucy, one of the chefs, started to get ready for the day. She’s the head chef. She turned around when she heard the door open.

Lucy was of average height and weight, but her personality and features weren’t anything of average. She had dark brown skin with black, tight curly hair that she kept in a bun because it was a kitchen law. She had chestnut brown eyes with flacks of lighter brown in them. She was also one of the most stubborn and spunky spirits that has ever faced the earth, and we here loved her for it. Her sarcasm was a work of art that I admire. She’s an inspiration for me. She spat in the food of the men who wouldn’t leave me alone the other night, she did things like this if she hated the table. All of the waiters knew this, and yet she was still able to keep her job; it was epic.

“Morning darlings, I have a cinnamon roll for each of you over there. I made some extra,” she spoke as she fiddled with some of the food with her back turned to us.

I smiled as I took one off the plate and leaned against the counter to watch Lucy at work. I couldn’t cook for my life. I found a way to burn Easy Mac in the microwave, so watching someone who could make the finest foods that anyone has ever tasted at work fascinated me. I took another bite of my breakfast, enjoying it. She made this fresh this morning, I could tell. Cory and I haven’t worked here long, but she treated us like her children since we were the youngest here. She was still waiting for her boyfriend of four years to pop the question to her. As much as she is sarcastic, she is very caring and protective over the people close to her and whom she worked with.

“So babies are you ready for a long day of work?”

“I am, but whether Abby is awake enough I think is the question,” Cory spoke, shoving the last bite of the cinnamon roll into his mouth as I stuck my tongue out at him, which he just did the same back to me.

“I’ll be fine, just give me a few minutes to wake up.”

END OF SAMPLE hehehe I hope it was a nice little tease of taste!


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