Sunday, March 13, 2011

moving along!

So last night when I was suppose to be doing homework (it's end of spring break...) I started to get End of the Line in the new format for when I switch self-publishing companies for it. I also sent the email to Xlibris that I wanted to cancel services with them, so that should be given a fun email this week if they actually check their email. I'm not really holding my breath that it only takes one email for them to finally respond. So there will be a gap that End of the Line will not be in print format, but it still will be available in e-reader format. Sorry for the inconvience, but good news is that End of the Line will be much cheaper! I will have more control over the price, and as an avid reader myself along with being a poor college student I will be reseasonable with price! End of the Line will be kept as .99 cents, and 14 people recieved it free during the e-reader week on smashwords. They were being sold pretty quickly which I was happy about. I haven't recieved the reviews yet, but I'm hoping that people are enjoying it. I'm hoping when I change companies though for End of the Line that I can keep the cover, I will try to do that though. I adore that cover, and people seem to like it. When I was putting it in format it was a tad longer.

Playing around I was curious and was putting Project US in the same format that CreateSpace wants it was almost 400 pages, but I also it in the format as Family Ties and it was a little more then 100 pages shorter. It's interesting how that all works! Oh for those who are following my tweets and or on facebook when I mean I'm fixing a character's personality it is Rachel in Project US who I feel might be my weakest female character and so I'm toning down her crazy a little just so people don't put down the book quickly before the plot starts to really show! I can't expect Nick to carry all the weight! I'd feel better knowing I didn't have a weak female 'lead' character also. It is bad enough I have trouble explaining this plot to people without wondering if people are going to think I'm nuts!

Though I hope others are getting excited like I am for Family Ties coming out in a couple of weeks!! We are down to WEEKS!! I can't believe it!! I adore that cover also even though my parents don't seem as thrilled as me (lame!). Though my family keeps asking me different senarios then asking me if I would still teach, it's all very odd.

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