Tuesday, March 8, 2011

keeping busy!

Hey Everyone!
I feel like I'm just one of those people who feel the need to keep themselves busy, even if it is with random stuff. One of my quirks I was noticing when I bought Blue is for Nightmare at the closing Borders by me that it was the newer cover. I was searching online to make sure I could get the newer style covers for the other books online or whatever when I got that far, I can. I was also noticing I have so many books to read this summer! I have a slight addiction to books, as the ladies I talk to on Goodreads puts it, 'literary junky'. The term is so true! Along with it is very amusing. I also am planning on finishing part 2 of Pirates this summer!! I even have my friend Taylor to sit on my case a little to make sure that it gets done! I am on a mission, also a little curious on how it will end myself, I normally have an ending in my when I first start writing. This one though I have a couple of different directions I can go. However along with the bunch of books I WANT to read, I might be taking a class online this summer, economics, ugh just typing that my stomach turns!

For book process update! I know I'd said that I would be showing the cover for Family Ties last week, I am sorry that I did not. I have not seen it yet myself! My friend Ryan was laughing via facebook at my ansty-ness! If one could glare via facebook I would have done it to him yesterday! He lives in Long Island hence why I would have to do harm via facebook. I emailed BCP yesterday, trying not to sound pushy or mean considering through email words can be read many different ways. I'm purely just very interested to see what it looks like! BCP says it is almost done, but he's not in love with the cover yet. It's a comfort to know that they want to make sure it is just right without rushing! There is care going into it!

List of wanting to read and own:
-The Golden Spiral
-Blue is for Nightmare
-Hunchback of Notre Dame
-East of Eden
-City of Bones
-The Ladyship's Companion
-Perfect Chemistry
-Prophecy of the Sisters
-Wildwood Dancing
-Academy 7
-Vampire Academy
-White Cat
(no specific order!)
Then there is so many others I want to read, but don't know, because if you notice, most of those books are part of a series! There are several stories I'll probably be working on as well! Though it can't be long now till summer!! I drove by Belmar and Spring Lake beaches yesterday!! Moving water! There was no snow or anything! For those who are not from Jersey, the snow from our several couple of feet snow storms just recently melted, and we can finally see grass! I love the beach and have been going since I was 6 months old, I'm currently going through beach withdrawal so I can not wait till I can start going again! Spring is almost in the air!

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